April 9, 2024 at 6:22 pm

‘This was almost $200.’ – Couple’s Hilarious Video Shows Why Eating Out May Actually Be Cheaper Than Making Dinner At Home

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@jessandquinn

Eating out in America has become a luxury that many feel they can’t afford, with even so called “budget” restaurants like McDonalds charging exorbitant prices.

A McDonalds meal with a large fry and drink will run you almost 20 dollars now, and that’s without any McNuggets to snack on (which everyone knows is a must).

So many of us have turned to trying to cut down on ordering out, only to find that buying groceries is just as, if not more expensive!

TikTok user @jessandquinn illustrated this point with a genius skit they made after two bags of groceries cost them almost $200!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@jessandquinn

Their skit starts off after another takeout meal, where Quinn is upset that they’ve ordered out for dinner yet again.

“We gotta stop eating out, it’s so expensive! We should cook more.”

Source: TikTok/@jessandquinn

I mean is anyone going to disagree? I remember when Chipotle was less than ten dollars a bowl, and now I feel like I did well if I get dinner there for under $20!

And even if you’re not getting takeout, sitting down to eat for two people easily runs you $50-60 every time, and that’s without anything to drink!

Source: TikTok/@jessandquinn

But Quinn quickly reminds us, in a touching rendition of Maroon 5’s “This Love”, that making dinner at home isn’t always the budget option we think it is.

This was almost 200 dollars, f*** me!” And as we see in the video, he’s only holding two regular sized grocery bags.

The couple has a point! You think it’ll be cheaper to eat in, but the dish you pick actually has two specialty ingredients that are each 10-15 dollars!

And then you have a bunch of an ingredient you can only use for one specific recipe that you’ve literally had the night before!

Check out his hilarious video for yourself!



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TikTok already knew the struggle, with this user saying half of the food ends up going bad anyway!

Source: TikTok/@jessandquinn

This user said that even the store-brand items are starting to have ridiculous prices.

Source: TikTok/@jessandquinn

And this user said even basic ingredients like olives could get you 2 McDoubles at McDonalds!

Source: TikTok/@jessandquinn

And on top of the price, many were quick to point out how much works goes into actually cooking and cleaning up the food you buy!

Source: TikTok/@jessandquinn

And finally this user pointed out that eating in is only cheaper if you eat the same exact thing every day.

Source: TikTok/@jessandquinn

Well guys, I went grocery shopping today and it looks like I’m having penne alla vodka for the next four days.

I’m not mad one bit though!

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