April 29, 2024 at 6:31 pm

Woman’s Landlord Is Forcing Her To Give Up Her Dog After Finding Its Poo Unattended. The Commenters Aren’t Exactly On Her Side.

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@sav_zionwalker

Having pets in rentals can cause all types of problems with landlords, to the point where some just won’t allow pets at all.

Anyone who has a pet knows that damage can be hard to avoid sometimes. Pets chew, they have accidents, they scratch, and we’re not always home to curtail the behavior.

This was the experience of newlywed @sav_zionwalker, who told their followers how they had been charged “$1,050 for dog poop” at their apartment complex.

Source: TikTok/@sav_zionwalker

Sav, one of the newlyweds, said: “Our apartment is charging us $1,050 for finding droppings [sic] of dog poop outside in the grass.”

The couple had signed a pet agreement with the complex and allowed them to swab their dog’s cheek for DNA.

This is to allow the property to identify any dogs who leave excrement on the communal land.

Source: TikTok/@sav_zionwalker

She said it was “wild” that the complex had scooped the dog’s poop to test it, which led the landlords to finding out which dog had pooped.

The DNA testing led to a bill being posted from the complex fining the dog owners for three violations of the dog poop agreement.

And the couple were told they had to also get rid of their dog.

She said the complex didn’t give the couple a warning to help them “correct ourselves.”

Source: TikTok/@sav_zionwalker

They were given just three days to “get rid of our pet,” she added.

The complex also stated they would check to see if the dog had gone and if the animal wasn’t the couple would be evicted.

“So we’re being threatened to be evicted out of our apartment. (I am) 30 weeks pregnant—two months before we have the baby. Because they found dog poop.”

How would you feel in this couple’s situation? It’s bad to leave dog poop round but shouldn’t they have had another chance to make things right?!

Watch the full clip here:


We are being charged $1,050 for dog poop!! Help me understand how this is normal 🙄 #apartment #apartmentliving #apartmentcrisis

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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

No one is agreeing with the couple.

Source: TikTok/@sav_zionwalker

More comments against.

Source: TikTok/@sav_zionwalker

Love for anti dog pooping but not for the couple!

Source: TikTok/@sav_zionwalker

Pretty much no one was on this poor dog’s side.

She doesn’t seem like the type to move so she can keep her pooch, tbh.

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