April 19, 2024 at 6:27 am

Woman Eats Raw Meat And Drink Raw Dairy Every Day And Her Followers Don’t Know What To Think

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@byashleyenglish

There’s nothing quite like a well-cooked burger or steak, but people have vastly different ideas of what “well-cooked” means.

Raw meat certainly ain’t to everyone’s tastes and the very look of it would put a lot of people off.

But carnivore @byashleyenglish is all about that raw meat.

She posted a viral video to prove it, showing us just what she munches on in a day.

Source: TikTok/@byashleyenglish
“I don’t only eat raw meat, and I ALWAYS listen to my body to eat intuitively.

This is an example of how I eat in a day to feel nourished, healthy, happy, and strong.”

Source: TikTok/@byashleyenglish

Her picture diary starts in bed in the morning.

“What I eat in a day as a girl who eats raw meat.”

Her “Breakfast” is “Raw milk…Oranges…Ribeye…Smoked oysters.”

And all she does with the ribeye is slice it and eat it uncooked.

Source: TikTok/@byashleyenglish
While a “Snack” is “Coffee & raw cream” with “Another orange” and “Coconut butter” in a bowl. And she also snacks on “kiwi and passion fruit” with “raw milk.”

Apparently the food is “Divine.”

And just in case we weren’t convinced of her healthy lifestyle, she posts her “post workout snack.”

It consists of a spoon of honey, followed by a tin of “Skinless, Boneless, Smoked Sardine Fillets”.

Of course it’s “Sardines & Sunset” for what she’s claiming is a perfect meal.

Source: TikTok/@byashleyenglish
Next up: dinner.

It’s a large plate of Ribeye smothered in”Fres chimichurri” and accompanied by “Sauerkraut” and “Gruyere” cheese, with a side of “Bone Marrow.”

Personally, I don’t feel hungry anymore and this woman’s diet could actually make me give up meat!

Her bedtime snack is “Yogurt & maple syrup” and a cup of “Herbal tea” with “More Gruyere” cheese.

Source: TikTok/@byashleyenglish
Let’s hope this raw meat diet is as healthy as she believes, for her sake.

Watch the full clip here:


Here’s what people thought of the clip:

If you really wanted to be put off your dinner!!!

Source: TikTok/@byashleyenglish

It certainly is WILD!

Source: TikTok/@byashleyenglish

In case you need a laugh.

Source: TikTok/@byashleyenglish

I have no idea what benefits this provides.

I wonder if she could even tell us.

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