April 10, 2024 at 10:44 pm

Costco Customer Was Kicked Out Because She Was Hoarding The Dumplings, And Now She’s Fighting Back

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@patriciaisabelle

There’s nothing like a love for a particular food, but what if your obsession goes to the limit?

Most consumers are happy picking up their treat once a week, but @patriciaisabelle told her followers: “So Costco kicked me out because I was taking all the dumplings, and they said I had to limit how many dumplings I was getting.”

Source: TikTok/@patriciaisabelle

This kinda seems a fanciful thing to occur but it is a reminder of how strong a love affair can be with one particular type of food.

And dumplings? Yum! Absolutely.

She goes on to explain, “Costco is a bulk store. There’s so much food! I didn’t take all the dumplings. I took a lot of dumplings, but I didn’t take all the dumplings.”

Source: TikTok/@patriciaisabelle

It seems very wild that any store would kick a loyal customer out who bought lots of any item! Especially a store like Costco?

Besides… it wasn’t like she was leaving you all with NO dumplings.

“I left some of the dumplings! I don’t get it, I feel like they was just trying to fight with me just to fight with me.”

Source: TikTok/@patriciaisabelle

Darn it… now I’m on Patricia’s side!

Check out this very funny video about a girl who just loves her dumplings…


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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Love and passion for those dumplings!

Source: TikTok/@patriciaisabelle

Dumplings tea!

Source: TikTok/@patriciaisabelle

More dumplings love! If you ain’t hungry by now…

Source: TikTok/@patriciaisabelle

Okay, now I’m hungry!

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