April 3, 2024 at 12:55 am

Wedding Industry Workers Shared Stories About When They Knew Couples Weren’t Gonna Make It

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit/Pixabay

I’d imagine that the wedding industry has to be a pretty strange business to work in.

And you can bet that those workers see a lot of things at these events…and not all of them are good.

Check out stories from Reddit users about when they knew that couples getting hitched weren’t going to make it.

A two-fer.

“Two that immediately come to mind:

Groom would not make any eye contact with the bride. So many photos where she is gazing lovingly at him, and he’s just like 10 yard stare right over the top of her head. Was a tough edit.

Groom’s speech included a line about how opposite he is from his bride because “her friends have never even been to Paris!””


“Wedding was on a golf course. Bride had a vision she wanted of her husband driving up on a golf cart to see her for a first look.

He got one look at her from the top of the hill and vaulted the cart, ran down the hill, picked her up and twirled her around to tell her how gorgeous she was. We caught it all. It was the best first look ever.

Once he set her down she straightened herself and looked back to us. “Okay, I don’t want that. Let’s do the golf cart now.” And she sent him back up.”


“Bride looked visibly miserable the entire ceremony.

While photographing the men’s “getting ready” portion, the groom repeatedly kept joking about ******* himself.

During the toast, the bride ran off to the bathroom for about 30 minutes and came back wiping her tears with her eyes red and puffy.

Neither of them had any chemistry at all, it made no sense why they were together to me. That was the last wedding I shot.”

That was fast.

“One of those hotel venues that can run two weddings at the same time.

Bride from our wedding is found in a hotel room with the groomsmen from the other wedding doing coke before the first dance.

End result was we got paid and told no need to edit or deliver pics.

Safe to say it didn’t last the night.”

Oh, man…

“Went to a wedding during college to my friends that got married who graduated 2 years prior to me.

They had a beautiful wedding on a boat off the Keys and as the best man gave his speech, he was really intoxicated by this point, just shouted out, “You don’t deserve her, you literally got a ****** from a stripper, no make that two strippers, at your bachelor party. Peace out.”

He dropped the mic and tried to do a dramatic exit but by this point we were all stuck on this boat in the middle of the ocean. It took an hour to get back to port and it was the most awful and awkward hour of our lives for everyone on that boat.””


“This was 15 years ago or so, I left wedding photography a few months later.

The reception was at their home, they didn’t want photos at the ceremony, and didn’t want wedding party/family photos between the ceremony and reception triggering the first raise of the eyebrow on my end. At the reception the groom didn’t want his brother, the best man, in the photos. Other eyebrow goes up.

The mothers of both the bride and groom both scolded me to let them be and told me to eat instead of take photos. The groom and the best man got unholy drunk and had a weird by play of brother making way too many toasts and the groom making grossly inappropriate speeches of what he’s going to do to the bride on the honeymoon.

As the newlyweds were making their grand departure the bride tosses the bouquet, everyone cheers. The groom shouts “I knocked the ***** up so hard she’s got two babies in her ******”.

Guest react in various ways of shock and happiness about the pregnancy test but the best man lunges at the groom shouting and swearing. Family holds the best man back as the couple runs out to a car.

The groom flipped off the spectators, and pulled out of the driveway. Two houses down the car stops, the groom gets out and pukes on a neighbor’s lawn, the bride gets in the driver’s seat and takes off, leaving her husband yurking into a flower bed, and the best man ran down the street trying to flag down the car.

Divorced four months later.”

Not a good sign.

“The engagement session.

The couple was in from out of town because she had just taken the bar exam to become a lawyer. At the end of the session, I gave them a prompt to share with each other what they were proud of each other for. He couldn’t think of a single thing.

Somehow they still got married, complete with: the groom drinking 11 IPAs + several shots before the ceremony, mother of the bride so intoxicated for family photos she pretended to strip, and the groom and all the groomsmen wearing camo hats with neon orange letters that said ‘****** and beer.’

For the entire wedding day. Including sunset couples photos where he refused to do anything I suggested, nearly spat chew right on my feet, kept farting on purpose, and loudly complained about how all he wanted was to go have ***.”


“I’m a videographer and the groom called me a couple days after the wedding.

He wanted me to make sure I didn’t include any footage of him checking out the women at the wedding.”


“Third wedding and the best man, the groom’s brother, starts his speech…. “Well, welcome back everyone. Good to see some new faces and some old ones.””

Not cool.

“My mother was a wedding photographer till I was about 18-19 and I helped out on many of them.

The one that stands out the most was when we were at a campsite where both the wedding and reception were being held.

About halfway through the reception I hear the groom start laughing maniacally. I peaked over his way and could see two groomsmen hauling the thrashing and screaming bride towards the lake.

They threw her into the freezing cold water with her veil and dress still on. When she got out of the water I genuinely thought she might shoot somebody. Saying she looked like a drowned rat would have been an insult to rats. Her hair and makeup and probably the dress were ruined beyond repair.

The fact that the groom laughed and didn’t do anything stuck with me as being a lame move even as a teen. Apparently she thought so too because they didn’t even make it 6 months.”

Sounds awful.

“I think my first clue was when the bride showed up with some bad make-up clearly trying to cover her black eye, while most of the rest of the family seemed far more into the free food and booze than the wedding itself.

Oh yeah, never paid me either.

Classy people.”


“Bride was such a monumental ***** her mom gave me a $500 tip for not walking out on the event when she was treating everyone (even her now husband) like a piece of **** employee.

She did the whole clicking fingers thing when wanting someone to do something for her, and she berated the DJ for grabbing a sandwich when he’d been there for about 8 hours and was told that he should’ve brought his own lunch and she would be taking the cost of the food (like an open buffet style) out of his paycheck.

They were divorced within 3 years, but not before having 3 kids that have stupid names.”

Sadly… this seems to be the norm, not the exception…

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