April 8, 2024 at 11:42 pm

What Are The Signs That A Relationship Won’t Last? People Love Giving Their Opinions.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit/Unsplash/@candice_picard

Sometimes, you can just tell…

I’m talking about when you see a couple and you know it just ain’t gonna last.

You see it all the time!

And these Reddit users were nice enough to share obvious signs that couples aren’t going to make it.

Let’s take a look.


“I always find couples who post about how much they love each other on social media break up pretty quick.

I’m not talking about like one post but the excessive ones.

Recent example being a girl I know who posted probably every other day about how this guy is her world, she’d be lost without him, she misses him when he’s not there etc. they were together about 3 months total.

I just find it so obvious.”

Communication breakdown.

“Their communication just doesn’t improve over time.

Being in my first real healthy relationship I’ve realized that both people need to be committed to their individual and collective growth to create a fulfilling, healthy relationship.

If one or both people aren’t trying and make a habit of withholding their true thoughts and make no effort to make the small changes to eventually meet the other half way, it’s inevitable.”


“After I was married about 3 years a coworker that had been married for a few months asked how long we lasted before we ran out of stuff to talk about.

I figured that was bad sign.”

Over and out.

“When your arguments always go from what currently happened to attacking each other’s character in general, as well as resentment/contempt.

Once you resent your spouse, it’s done in my experience.”


“They casually show signs that they don’t respect each other.

It can be a lot of eye rolling, mocking, condescending laugh, casually saying “you’re so stupid”, embarrassing in front of friends…”

Nothing at all.

“I would say no emotional connection. Like the other person cannot trust you and tell you what he feels or what he’s been through or deals with right now.

And here, I understand that some people need their time to open up and find their own words to express their emotions, I’m one of them. But I’m referring to people who don’t even try, even for small stuff.

Just to give an exemple: Normal day. You and your pal sit together. You ask them about some stuff that’s been bothering him, cuz you see him worried and sad. He doesn’t say anything or that’s nothing. This happens over and over again. Or you do sth that your pal doesn’t like, but he’s not telling you.

The only time you will hear what he didnt like in the relationship or what he didnt like about you will be in an argument or at the breaking point.”

Trust issues.

“Lack of trust.

Not necessarily about the big stuff (fidelity, money, your real name), but namely in basic, everyday communication.

If one or both partners is constantly questioning what the other person meant, or are constantly looking for reasons to get offended or taken aback by what the other says, it doesn’t bode well for the long-term prospects.

As a witness, you can feel the underlying tension when they interact. The stress of it all usually leads to resentment, and dissolution of the relationship.”

A big one!

“When they can’t laugh with/at each other and share no inside jokes.

Seriously, I could not imagine having an unfunny partner.

We laugh hard at least once a day, still after 18 years together.. humor is everything as relationships get on in years.”


“The price of the wedding.

Apparently studies have shown an inverse relationship between the cost of the wedding and the duration of the marriage.”


“They move very quickly.

They met just weeks ago and they’re already getting an apartment together and playing house.”

Red flag.

“Constantly digging through each other’s phones and social media because they’re just so certain they’re going to find evidence of that person cheating.

Everyone acts like I’m crazy for calling this a red flag but every single relationship I’ve ever seen where they constantly demand access to the other’s device it always ends in disaster and usually not even because of cheating but because of just a complete lack of trust on either side of the relationship.”

Who are you?

“The most obvious sign to me is whether each individual in the relationship is the exact same person with their partner as they are without.

When I see that someone is funnier, or more relaxed, or any other slight change in personality when they’re not with the partner, I know they aren’t meant for each other.

Think about it.”

It won’t last!

Trust us on this one…

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