April 12, 2024 at 9:31 pm

What Jobs Are Overvalued and Overpaid? People Shared Their Thoughts.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit

Life ain’t fair…

Hey, I’m just the messenger, so don’t get upset with me about it.

And part of that unfairness is the fact that some folks have jobs that pay them a lot of money and they really don’t do a whole lot.

Check out what Reddit users had to say about this.

The IT world.

“So many IT directors are not techs by any stretch, but just management that filled the void.

They end up hiring MSPs to do the work.

They pretty much balance the budget and approve requests for permissions or product purchases.”

On the rise.

“Generally, US govt contractor positions requiring high security clearances.

Entry level pay isn’t that high, but once you’re cleared other contractors will offer bigger bucks because you can get cleared with them quickly.

Jump from one to another, wait two years, do it again, lather, rinse, repeat.”

At least she knows…

“My mum from whom I am estranged works as the vice president of reward at an international company.

She basically arranges contracts so millionaires can get more money and gets paid 189,000 pounds a year for it.

Even she thinks it’s ridiculous.”


“Member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

They’ve had a lengthy history of excessive demands, they spent $4 million US spent on “entertainment” in Japan, etc.

They make very few decisions, all of which are politically motivated.

They travel extensively and are paid well for it.”

Campus life.

“About two-thirds of the upper-level admins at the university I work for.

The people in upper management aren’t even in union-protected jobs who, in theory, should be the first ones gone when we need to settle the budget problems we have.

Instead, they were the only ones who got raises during COVID.”

Not bad!

“One night I babysat three kids for about 2 hours or so.

The kids went to bed when I got there, and the parents had left dinner out for me, so all I did was eat their food and watch their TV and pet their dogs.

When they got home the mom paid me $100. I told her that was way too much. She slurred “Don’t worry about it, I’m intoxicated.”

And then I noticed her fly was down.

So that was the most over paid job ever.”

Upper management.

“Hospital CEOs… and actually almost all hospital upper management.

There are so many layers of management that many of them barely step foot into a healthcare facility EVER, let alone EVER speak to a patient, yet all of them make 6, 7, 8 figure salaries plus mega bonuses.

My hospital network CEO makes $11 million salary not including bonuses, which bothers me, but bothers me even more are all the board members and **** directly under him making nearly as much.

It’s hundreds of millions of wasted money paid to the people trying to screw staff out of good pay and screwing patients into paying big bills.”

Not bad at all…

“I do consulting.

It is just either outsourced office work or creating fluffy PowerPoints to give executives an excuse to authorize spending.

It’s not a bad gig.”

Working nights.

“My last job in college, before starting my career, I was an overnight shelter staff for transitional housing.

Since these clients were basically back up on their feet by the time they arrived, they were pretty self-sufficient. I was paid about 25% higher than other night-shift jobs I could get at the time, and on most nights all I had to do was make one pot of coffee.

The rest of the time I could watch TV, play video games, do personal chores, etc… The one job that I know was better was their overnight sleeper, since we had to have two staff at all times.

As implied, this dude made a well-above minimum wage rate to just sleep there on the weekends.”

The office.

“The one I had at my last office job.

I was originally hired to be the manager of a new project, but the project was never launched and I had a long term contract.

After 5 months of being paid by only clocking in and out without doing any actual work, someone saw me in the pool for available associates and invited me to join their project as a frontline agent.

Apparently at some moment the database just marked me as an available employee, without mentioning the rank I had been hired for. I stayed in the company for 6 years, getting paid the salary of a manager, but with the responsibilities of a regular agent.

I rejected every offer for “growth” I had, as I was only working there to pay for a debt. In the end, I made my “money with very little stress, and left the company in great terms.”


“This girl I know became a life coach and charges $300-500 per person for a 4 hour “seminar” that a friend of mine used to help her set up for.

Friend said all it was was 4 hours of her saying these people are great and doing yoga+breathing exercises.

And she had repeat customers and often 4-8 people per class. $2400 per weekend to tell people they are awesome and do a few yoga stretches.


Nice and easy.

“In-House Legal for a corporation.

I basically browsed the internet most of the day in my office, maybe reviewed one or two standardized contracts and occasionally sat in during a firing.

I made $80k a year plus benefits.”

Good question…

“Do car salesmen really do any work anymore?

Last time I bought a car I looked online, did my research, and knew exactly what I wanted and basically showed up ready to buy.

The dealer just gave me the keys for a test drive, then did the paperwork for me.”

Yeah, any CEO is overpaid.

Sorry, not sorry.

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