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Her Husband’s Religious Parents Set Strict Rules And Expect Her To Go To Church, So She Pushes Back Hard And Now Things Are Tense

by Ryan McCarthy

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At this point, sleeping over at a friends house and having to go to church with their family the next morning is a universal experience.

Especially your super religious friends, you knew if you spent the night you were also bringing a nice pair of khaki’s and a button down shirt!

But now that were adults, we just don’t find ourselves in situations like that anymore, right?

Well, that is unless you are meeting your partner’s super religious parents for the first time, like this user was.

She went to Reddit to see if she was in the wrong after refusing to attend church with them, not knowing specific prayers, and being upset her and her boyfriend had to sleep in separate rooms.

Should she have swallowed her pride and went along with their rules? Check it out and see for yourself!

AITA for refusing to follow my MIL’s rules when I am in their house ?

Me (20F) and my boyfriend (21M) have been together for 2.5 years. We both currently live in Paris.

He is American but he came to France for his studies and decided to stay. We have moved in together six month ago and everything is going great.

Because of covid, I never really got the chance to go to the US and meet is parents. But since it is now possible, he really wanted me to go with him and visit them.

I was more than happy to go because obviously it is very important for him.

And while things were looking great at first, OP soon realized her and her boyfriend’s parents may have a problem.

When I met them they were very welcoming and at first we got along great. But then I was kind of confused/upset by their behavior.

I knew his parents are religious, and it’s more than ok with me even if I am not.

What I wasn’t expecting was during our first meal, when they asked me if I knew any prayer and I said no.

His mother then told me “It’s the least you could know” and I was like, “Sorry but I don’t believe in God.”

Things only got more contentious when OP was shown their sleeping arrangements.

Later she was showing me my room and his mother said that we will sleep in different room because it was “more appropriate”.

I have never seen an adult couple sleeping separately. We live together so like why would she care?

Since it seems that the issue was about sex I tried to reassure her by making a joke and she looked very offended by the fact that I had implied we were having sex.

I felt like I had insulted her even though we are both adults. I tried to convince her gently to let me sleep in the same room than him but I let it go since it was going nowhere.

I wasn’t happy to spend our vacation together in different rooms.

And she hit the trifecta of offending OP’s parents when church was brought up.

The last issue that really pushed me to stop accepting her behavior when she said that they would buy desert after going to church.

I was like “Oh nice, maybe I could help by cooking the meal while you are at church.”

She was shocked and told me they expected me to go with them to church.

I said no, that i didn’t want to go because I don’t believe in god so It makes me uncomfortable.

She was very upset and tried to make me change my mind but I stood my ground and said that I would not go.

Unsurprisingly, this soon led to an argument between OP and her boyfriend.

After this, my boyfriend said that I was not respecting them. I told him that I was 100% respecting their beliefs but she was the one not respecting mine.

Honestly I was a bit upset by his behavior. While I agree me and his mother might see things differently, I think it is healthy to explain to talk about why I disagree with calm and respect.

He insisted that I was wrong by not accepting their rules.

I though about it and I am ready to see if maybe I was the AH?

What next? They’re gonna make her say a rosary while they sit and watch?

I understand her boyfriend’s Mom not wanting them to sleep in the same rooms because of her beliefs, but actively trying to get her to go to mass and pray to God is a step too far.

A lot of Reddit thought that even though his parents were being ridiculous, getting mad about the separate beds rule is on OP.

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This user agreed, saying she gave her husband exactly what to expect when he met her family.

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And finally, this girlfriend even was given a list of things to prepare for and know when she was put in a similar situation!

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Seriously… they’re married!

Get a life, parents!

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