April 9, 2024 at 10:41 pm

‘You’re not gonna harass me.’ – Woman Refuses To Let Walmart Worker Check Her Receipt After Using Self Checkout And Bagging Her Own Groceries

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@dionnelaw

Sometimes you’re in a rush, and it seems like the world is doing everything in its power to make you even later then you already are.

Say on a last minute Walmart run, where you’ve already waited in line for 15 minutes to checkout, then just as you’re running out the door… BAM! A receipt checker.

They take their sweet old time while you wait anxiously for them to make sure you haven’t stolen anything from the same Walmart you go to once every week, and you’re left wondering what the point is.

Well TikTok user @dionnelaw had had enough, and gave the receipt checker a piece of her mind one day after she had already had to bag her own groceries!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@dionnelaw

Her video starts somewhere we’ve all been: right about to leave Walmart, but  the receipt checker is blocking you way.

“Excuse me Ma’am can I see your receipt?” But Dionne gags the woman a bit by saying what we all wish we could!

“Oh no, you can’t. You’re not gonna harass me for no 3 dollar thing of water.”

I think my jaw would just about fall off if I heard someone tell the Walmart receipt person that.

Source: TikTok/@dionnelaw

But she isn’t done with this poor woman! “I got all these groceries, and you think I’m stealing some 3 dollar water?”

Honestly that’s fair. Checking the receipt for every item on a cart full of groceries is ridiculous.

I paid for enough groceries for a month but you think I’m stealing a bag of chips? Give me a break.

“I don’t think so. You can’t check my receipt.” But then the woman says the line that really sets Dionne off.

“I’m just doing my job!”

Source: TikTok/@dionnelaw

Because Dionne hits right back! “No I’m doing your job. See they need to have you on the register.”

And before the woman could even think to respond, Dionne was already verbally bulldozing her and the whole Walmart with her!

“Y’all got grandmama sitting on that register with 15 people behind it and nobody is checking.”

Dionne is honestly spilling, why does walmart always have someone checking receipts when there’s a line wrapping around the store? Priorities, people!

Check out her video for yourself.


Walmart Imma need yall to come up with some bags for this water y’all keep harassing us about !😂 #walmart #dramatic #notoday #walmartselfcheckoutbelike

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TikTok was shocked someone would talk to the poor receipt checker like that!

Source: TikTok/@dionnelaw

And this user’s local Walmart actually had the option to not get a receipt, making the receipt checkers totally useless.

Source: TikTok/@dionnelaw

And this former Walmart employee revealed that you can actually refuse to show the worker your receipt!

Source: TikTok/@dionnelaw

And finally, this user said she was not going to bag her own groceries, then have to wait while they check her bags.

Source: TikTok/@dionnelaw

This is a bombshell.

You can just say no to Walmart receipt checkers? Who knew?

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