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Woman’s In-Laws Won’t Stop Speaking Italian To Her Son, So She Puts Her Foot Down And Offends The Family

by Matthew Gilligan

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Family tradition and heritage is important, right?

You betcha!

But is there a point where it goes too far and it can be harmful?

Check out this story from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page and see if you think this woman took things too far…

AITA for asking my in-laws to speak to my son in English?

“We’re currently visiting my in-laws and have been here for a week.

From the first day we arrived, my son has been unusually clingy to me.

He also gets upset and pretends he doesn’t understand them when they speak to him in Italian, even though his dad almost exclusively speaks to him in Italian.

This wasn’t going well…

Yesterday my husband’s uncle kept trying to speak to him in Italian and he got scared and started crying.

I decided to ask my in-laws to speak to my son in English as they all can and I think it would help him feel more comfortable around them.

Some of my husband’s family are perfectly okay with this but some members of the family are very unhappy with my request, my husband and his dad included.

They’re not seeing eye to eye…

My husband thinks this is a good chance for our son to practice speaking Italian and that the issue isn’t the language but because my son knows he can cling to me when he doesn’t want to do something.

He wants me to leave our son alone with him and some of his family for a few hours which I told him was a horrible idea.

My father-in-law thinks I don’t understand how important it is for him to know Italian and to appreciate and honour his heritage.


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At the end of the day, just make the kid comfortable already!

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