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Woman’s Mother-In-Law Wouldn’t Stop Criticizing Her Cooking, So She Decided To Stop Including Her In Family Meals

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@clayleconey

Why, oh why, do people complain when they’re being fed by others? It’s crazy to me!

But you know how people can be. And this person handled a sticky situation with a rude person perfectly.

Check out what they did!

Don’t like my cooking, guess you don’t need it.

“My college friend Gina, who graduated 2 years prior to me but we still keep in touch, told me about how she dealt with her disrespectful MIL, Lana, who always had an “opinion” about how Gina did things.

There was no escape from this woman.

Gina & her husband live together in a house, it even has an office for her work as a data analyst, but it’s also close to Lana’s house, who was widowed 5 years prior, meaning she got frequent visits from her where she would always comment on every little thing from her cooking, cleaning, even her job.

She was of the belief that Gina’s office was actually a game room/streaming setup due to the similar look, several monitors idk.

At first Gina let it slide for the first 2 months, but when her Lana wouldn’t let up she told her husband (Rick) to do something about his mother’s “comments”.

No surprises here!

Now i personally have met Rick twice and from the get go he seemed like someone who doesn’t like confrontation.

So when she told us about how he hadn’t done anything about his mom we weren’t surprised.

Don’t get me wrong he’s very nice and supportive, he just dragged his heels on telling his mother to stop sharing her opinion about Gina & her lifestyle.

Here comes the malicious compliance.

Gina decided to “comply” with Lana’s requests and told us how she did it.

For the past several months everytime Lana would insult her cooking, cleaning, or job she wouldn’t do any of those things for her for 2 weeks.

It was time to teach this woman a lesson.

She said that it started small with her saying that the baked chicken she made was so bland, despite already eating it, so Gina cooked for herself and Rick, but not for Lana didn’t even give her a plate.

When the 2 weeks were up and she finally cooked for her, Gina says she dug in like a wild dog into meat, but to me that just shows she really did enjoy the food she just wanted to be mean, SMH.

Gina says that she similarly did this for when she criticized her job, meaning she wouldn’t buy her Lana anything when she asked, nor lend her money.

Things have changed…

Gina ended by telling us that Lana is much more “behaved” now meaning she’s not as “openly opinionated” as before and cones over to their home less often.

Gina & Rick did have a fight or two over Gina’s actions, which were spiteful, but if i’m honest if Rick had just talked to his mom like Gina asked this could’ve been avoided, but that’s not my place to say.

They talked it out he apologized for his inaction & right now Gina says it’s all stable for now.

This was such a funny getback story i just had to share it with people, she followed her MIL’s orders, just not the way Lana wanted her to.”

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Maybe now she’ll keep her mouth shut…

At least for a little while…

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