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Woman’s Neighbors Asked if She Could Watch Her Kids In The Middle Of The Night Because Of An Emergency. She Refused And They Called Her Evil.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

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AITA for refusing to look after my neighbour’s kids in an medical emergency?

“I (f26) live in a block of new build apartments, everyone moved in a year ago so we’re all getting familiar with our neighbours.

There’s quite a few families on my landing and we have a shared courtyard where the kids play in the summer so we can get chatting while the kids are playing.

It all sounds very neighborly.

We’ve done favours for each other in the past like formula milk and normally kids stuff. Mainly me giving it out, to be honest.

But she keeps her distance.

But I try not to get too friendly. I have two kids myself, a 2 yr old and 11 month old. I’m currently solo parenting as my husbands gone away for a few days to spend time with his family and friends.

There’s a mum groupchat of the mums in the building who swap kids around and baby sit each others kids for a few hours and they rotate. I’m just a silent watcher  and don’t participate and it’s not something I’m comfortable with and my kids can’t even communicate properly.

Last night around 3am I get a knock on the door, me and my kids are fast asleep.

I tried to ignore it as 1 I’m home alone, 2 I wasn’t expecting company and 3, it’s 3am in the morning.

What was this all about…?

Anyways after they wouldn’t stop and my kids were starting to wake up I look through the peephole and notice it’s my neighbour.

I open the door, and it’s her and her boyfriend and 2 kids, she’s 9 months pregnant, clearly in labour, they’ve got their hospital bags.

They told me if I could take the kids till her sister gets here in a hour.

She wasn’t into this idea.

I said I’m sorry but no. I don’t want to be liable if anything were to happen to her kids under my care and I don’t want to risk waking mine up.

I feel like this is something you need to plan ahead and not start knocking on doors hoping someone takes ur kids in.

I’ve already got my hands full with my 2 there’s no way I’m having another 2 running around my house at 3 in the morning.

They are 1 and 4 and I know they aren’t just going to sit and watch tv quietly.

They call me evil and rude and the BF got onto me saying what kind of mother watches another struggle.

I feel like if my husband was around he wouldn’t t speak to me like that.


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