April 10, 2024 at 6:42 am

Woman’s Prank Leaves Husband Speechless When She Puts His Most Embarrassing Pictures In Photo Frames All Over Target’s Shelves

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@kristy.sarah

We all have that one picture that will haunt us until the end of time.

Maybe it’s a driver’s license photo, or a particularly heinous school picture, or maybe someone just caught you off guard and accidentally captured an unflattering face.

Whatever that picture for you is, its enough to make you physically cringe, so I’d imagine the last place you’d want to see it is being sold at a major retailer!

Well unfortunately for this user’s husband, she pranked him with exactly that!

TikTok user @kristy.sarah secretly put frames with her husband’s worst photo on the shelves, then discretely led him to the aisle and let him discover the horror for himself!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@kristy.sarah

Her deliciously evil prank starts by sharing what her husband considers his “worst photo”, and he seems like a nice guy, but yeah… that photo is… a choice.

And she sets her plan into motion when her husband is looking at an Umbreon Funko Pop. (He has great taste, by the way.)

“Lets look at some of the home decor, come on! We need to fill in the empty spaces like in the living room, picture frames and all that.”

And with the bait laid, she led him right to where she had set up all the photos of him!

Source: TikTok/@kristy.sarah

And while he looks right at it several times before he sees it, he looks genuinely SCARED when he realizes!

He was literally too stunned to speak. “Babe…. Wait… Baby- Christy!” Pretty soon he had about 5 frames in his hand, all complete with his smiling face.

“How’d they get these pictures though?” And he even believes his girlfriend when she plays dumb! “What do you mean?”

Source: TikTok/@kristy.sarah

And that’s when the realization hits him. Target owes him some serious money from this!

“I should be getting paid. Hold up, hold up. And they’re only selling it for 18 bucks!”

And soon, he was making a call. To who, you ask? His lawyer of course!

“They done stole my picture and put in a picture frame, then they go only sell it for $18. That’s some cheap stuff!”

And as the video ends, Kristy actually gets him walking away to phone his lawyer!

Check out her genius prank for yourself!


the phone call did it for me 😭

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TikTok was cackling at her prank, and this user pointed out that it was so good it made him completely forget about his Funko Pop!

Source: TikTok/@kristy.sarah

Many thought that her making multiple frames with the picture was what really made it believable.

Source: TikTok/@kristy.sarah

This user found it hilarious he was more mad that the photo was so cheap then he was at them having it in the first place.

Source: TikTok/@kristy.sarah

Others enjoyed the switch-up from surprise to wondering why he wasn’t getting his money!

Source: TikTok/@kristy.sarah

And finally, this user wondered what would happen if someone tried to buy the picture frame before she brought him back there!

Source: TikTok/@kristy.sarah

I might have to try this on my boyfriend!

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