April 19, 2024 at 6:28 pm

Heavy Sleeping Husband Can’t Figure Out How To Wake Up And Help When His Child Is Screaming Their Head Off

by Chris Allen

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Are there more difficult and trying months in a person’s life than when you first have a baby?

Those first sleep-deprived weeks, everything seems life or death.

Here’s a story about a couple who’s in the thick of it with their 3rd!

AITA for asking my wife to wake me up at night when our newborn wakes up?

My wife (35f) and I (35m) just had our third child one month ago (4 weeks).

For the first week or two my wife had to wake him up every couple hours to feed him but now we just let him sleep until he wakes up to eat.

Here’s where that becomes a problem: I am a REALLY heavy sleeper.

Not even this will wake him up?

There is nothing that can wake me up short of being attacked by a bear or shaken or something.

It’s been that way since way before my wife and I had kids.

Babies crying or screaming do not wake me up.

They didn’t even when we had our first (8m) so usually I’ve woken up when my wife turns on the lights for changing and stuff like that.

But here’s where it became a serious problem for them.

Apparently I sleep through A LOT when my wife is getting up a lot, so she is saying she does an “unfair amount” of work at night because of it.

His solution wasn’t much help though.

I feel bad because I recognize that if I’m asleep I’m not contributing to the night stuff.

So I asked my wife to wake me up when the baby wakes up, and she told me that made it so much worse and that it was like “weaponized incompetence.”

She just doesn’t want to wake me up for some reason.

I am not WEAPONIZING my heavy sleep against her, I just want her to wake me up so I can help.

But like I said, she said that makes it worse, and now she’s mad.

AITA for asking to wake me up so I can help with the night stuff for our newborn?

Folks were REAL unforgiving with this guy.

One person had a great idea for him to chip in a lot more.

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Another person had the exact same question I did.

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While one Redditor’s question really put it all in perspective.

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And one person nailed why his wife was so mad.

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Wake me uuuuupp, WAKE ME UP INSIIIDE.

Come on, my dude. You wake up for work you can wake up for this.

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