April 22, 2024 at 10:38 pm

Body Shop Employee Breaks Down The Five SUVs You Should Never Buy. – ‘An absolute turd of a vehicle.’

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@bevurly

Buying a car can be incredibly overwhelming, especially for those with little to no car knowledge.

Not only do you have to pick what brand you want, but then you have to narrow down the models.

Not to mention the slimy car salesman that will do anything they can to scam you out of your hard earned cash on upgrades you’ll never need!

Thank goodness car expert @bevurly is here to break down 5 SUVs to stay away from.

Source: TikTok/@bevurly

Bev starts his list of the five worst SUV’s to own with what he calls “America’s favorite car brand”: Kia. Specifically the Kia Sorento.

It even comes with an easy-to-remember motto: “Kia Sorento. The motor will blow. It will blow, there’s no denying that!”

Bev even says you have a better chance of blowing the motor than your Kia Sorento making it to 150,000 miles!

Source: TikTok/@bevurly

He then moves on to the Buick Encore. A vehicle which he poetically calls “an absolute turd of a vehicle.”

“It comes with a Chevy Ecotech motor, which is automatically just an absolute L.”

Apart from that, he says the car itself just doesn’t look nice, which is probably a matter of opinion.

Source: TikTok/@bevurly

The next lemon on his list is the GMC Acadia, which despite looking mildly cooler than the Buick Encore, isn’t much better in terms of performance.

“It’s not if, but when the timing chain is gonna go out. These are notorious for timing chain issues. It’s almost guaranteed at a 100,000-120,000 miles.”

Overall Bev says it’s just not a reliable vehicle, and is cheaply made.

Source: TikTok/@bevurly

And the next car on the list is gonna come as a shock: a Range Rover.

“If you have $150,000 in your checking account to and you can afford one, go ahead. But don’t buy one secondhand, especially if you have to finance one.”

Bev says once these cars hit 50-60,000 miles, they’re essentially toast.

Source: TikTok/@bevurly

And last on Bev’s list is the Mitsubishi Outlander, which he says is a frequent offender at his bodyshop.

“There’s rarely a dealership available to even fix them! And parts are hard to get or simply just not reliable.”

Check out his advice for yourself!


5 of the worst SUVs you can buy! Dont buy em! #suv #cars

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TikTok was quick to add other stinkers that didn’t quite make the top 5.

Source: TikTok/@bevurly

And many people wanted Bev’s wisdom on what SUVs are actually worth the money!

Source: TikTok/@bevurly

This user thought the Nissan Rogue should be on the list because of its weak transmission.

Source: TikTok/@bevurly

And finally this user defended their Kia Sorento, saying it was even the second one they had bought.

Source: TikTok/@bevurly

Looks like I’m sticking with my Jetta!

For now, at least. Good luck out there.

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