May 10, 2024 at 1:21 pm

A Lawyer Said He “Didn’t Care” How His Papers Got Packed Away, So This Flooring Guy Took Care Of It His Way

by Trisha Leigh

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When you hire someone to make design changes to your space, it’s usually on you to make sure the area is cleared out and ready to be remodeled.

If you don’t, well…I’m not sure you can complain about what happens to your things.

This guy was hired to change the floors in an office.

My dad used to be a bit of a hothead, but only when provoked.

He had a flooring business, and got a job carpeting an entire state building filled with offices people were currently working in, and they knew they’d need to get their stuff out.

He gave everyone boxes and asked them to pack their things – he even offered to help.

To help keep them stay organized while they were relocating, my dad brought a ton of boxes and told everyone individually that they could use them to keep their papers organized.

He would even help them pack up.

When one lawyer said he wasn’t doing it and he didn’t care, the flooring guy did it his way.

One office was occupied by a lawyer, who decided not to pack.

My dad walked in, there were papers stacked high everywhere, and all over his desk. Dad explained the boxes, as he did with everyone, and offered to help.

The lawyer was arrogant. He scoffed, and said he didnt care. He wasnt going to move his stuff, said my dad needed to take care of it.

My dad said “okay,” grabbed one side of the desk, and flipped it over completely, stacks of papers flying everywhere.

The lawyer was not impressed.

The lawyer looked at him in disbelief. He said he didnt care, right?

My dad threw everything messily into the boxes and threw the boxes outside the door.

The lawyer couldnt do a dang thing about it, as he had told my dad to just take care of it.

I can’t imagine what it was like for that guy to have to go through all those papers again.

Was Reddit? Let’s find out!

The top comment says sometimes you have to turn the tables.

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This person says lawyers never clean up their own mess, though.

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Who doesn’t love a lawyer joke?

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We wish we could be a fly on the wall.

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God bless the paralegals.

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I mean, what else could he do?

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