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Neighborhood Kid Wants to Cut Their Lawn Once a Week, But They Aren’t Interested. Now His Mom Is Showing Up Trying To Guilt Them Into Hiring Him.

by Matthew Gilligan

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No means no!

That goes for a lot of things in life, and the person who wrote this story on Reddit employed this method to tell a neighborhood kid that they didn’t want him to cut their lawn.

Are they acting like a jerk?

AITA for refusing to hire my neighbor to cut my grass?

“I cut my own lawn, always have.

A neighbor kid came to my door last week and asked if I wanted him to cut it for me once a week for $15 each time.

I don’t think so…

I said no.

My yard isn’t big and it takes me MAYBE 45 minutes, that’s if I’m really thorough.

Otherwise I can get it done in a half hour.

Well neighbor kid left and life went on.

Here we go again…

Then Sunday his mom came to my door and offered her son’s services again. I said thanks but no thanks.

She went on to explain that he’s already doing her yard, my next door neighbor (house between us) and my next door neighbor on the other side, that it would be easier for him to just go straight across all 4 yards instead of having to do 2, shut the lawnmower off and do the other house.

No dice!

I just kinda shrugged and said “sorry but I’m good”.

Today my next door neighbor brought it up, said “he’s a kid trying to make some extra money, help him out don’t make his life more difficult. It’s only 15 bucks a week”.

Thing is that’s 15 dollars I don’t want to spend when I can easily do it myself.


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