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A Neighbor’s Young Child Let Their Rabbit Out Of Its Enclosure, So Now She Wants Them To Pay For A New One. Her Hubby Doesn’t Think That’s A Good Idea.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@stuffinabox

This story makes me sad

Any time a defenseless animal is left out on its own, you can only imagine how confused and scared they must be.

And the person who wrote this story seems fired up about their missing bunny. Are they handling this the wrong way?

Get the whole story below and see what you think.

AITA for making my neighbor pay for our lost bunny?

“Yesterday my neighbor’s 4 year old rang our doorbell while I wasn’t home (I saw that it was her on our ring app).

Uhhh, this is weird…

When no one answered I saw on the camera that she went around to the backyard. When I came home, the back door was open and toys were out in our playroom. She had found an unlocked door and let herself in to play. She had gone home and hadn’t gotten hurt, thank goodness.

A few hours later my daughter comes to me and says her bunny is gone. We have a bunny in a hutch outside in the backyard. She saved up for a month to earn the bunny and its her pet.

I told the neighbors what their 4 year old had been up to and asked them to ask their daughter if she had let the bunny out. She clearly had.

We have enough money to buy a new bunny and its pretty obvious to our neighbors that it wouldn’t be a financial hardship. Our neighbors can easily buy a new bunny for us too.

Here’s the deal…

I told them they had to pay for the bunny. My husband says we can afford it and I shouldn’t have asked them to pay because it could cause strain between us as neighbors.

I think there needs to be a consequence to them letting their daughter have minimal supervision and if they pay for enough bunnies, maybe it will change.”

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Just let it go. Kids do silly stuff.

It’s not worth it.

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