May 7, 2024 at 6:18 am

A Woman Called Uber Eats For Help After She Got Locked On The Roof Of Her Apartment Building

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@voss_maggie

The woman you’re about to meet is named Maggie and all I gotta say is that she is one smart cookie.

And you’ll see what I mean in just a minute…

Maggie posted a video on TikTok and took viewers through what happened when she got locked on the roof of her apartment building.

Source: TikTok/@voss_maggie

Maggie thought about calling the cops or calling her landlord, but ultimately decided that Uber Eats was the best option to be rescued from her dilemma.

She said, “I got locked in my roof and nobody’s available to come to help me out, so, I ordered Uber Eats. I put in the instructions that you have to just buzz every apartment until someone lets you in and then come up to the roof and let me out.”

Source: TikTok/@voss_maggie

And it worked like a charm!

Her text overlay reads, “Safe in my apartment plus I have a burrito now. I call that a win.”

Darn right!

Source: TikTok/@voss_maggie

Here’s the video.


5 stars and a good tip for Jeffrey the best uber eats delivery in Manhattan #nyclife #nycapartment #nycrooftop #apartmenthacks

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And here’s what TikTokkers had to say.

One person loved her approach.

Source: TikTok/@voss_maggie

Another individual was impressed.

Source: TikTok/@voss_maggie

This TikTok user said this person deserved a big tip!

Source: TikTok/@voss_maggie

This woman is a genius!

Nice work!

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