May 17, 2024 at 6:51 pm

After Her Family Made Her Graduation Dinner All About Her Sister, She Lashed Out At Her Uncle’s Innocent Question

by Trisha Leigh

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Not everyone likes or wants or needs to be the center of attention at all times.

Still, there are some times in life where it would be nice to have the focus on you, and not, say, a beloved older sibling.

This young woman has always felt in the shadow of her older sister.

I am going to graduate high school, we are celebrating early since my my family is down for my sisters college graduation.

I have always felt my sister is better than me at basically everything.

I got by with B she was a straight A student and so on. No one ever says it but I know they prefer her to me.

Even at her graduation dinner, though, the conversation revolved around her sister’s plans after college.

My aunt is not an easy person to impress at all, she was a lot of firsts in the family.

We were at dinner and my aunt started to ask about my sisters job she got out of college.

The whole rest of dinner was talking about my sister, what she is gonna do and so on. It might as well been a celebration for her.

And then she snapped.

My uncle asked me about if I am going to college and I snapped at him saying why it doesn’t matter, this dinner is about my sister not me.

The table got quiet and my mother told me to apologize.

I refused.

We got home and I got in an argument with my family who think I was being a jerk.

Does Reddit agree with this kiddo or her family? Let’s find out.

The top comment says she went after the wrong person.

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This person agrees the uncle was doing the right thing.

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People know how this stings.

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They think she should definitely talk to her parents.

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There are very few excuses to be rude.

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I definitely think she has a reason to be upset.

That said, lashing out won’t get the results she wants.

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