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Bullies Were Pushing Around His Brother And Stealing His Lunch, So He Made A Sandwich They’ll Never Forget

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

This is a good one, folks…

It comes to us from the pages of Reddit and it has it all!

Intrigue, drama, family bonds…and a mouse.

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Ultimate revenge on bullies.

“This is a story told to me by an awesome teacher I had in high school.

George (we all called him by his first name) was at school himself, with his younger brother. George noticed that his brother wasn’t himself over a period of a couple of weeks, but wouldn’t say why.

He found out what was going on…

Eventually, George found out from his bro that a gang of bullies were stealing his lunch or lunch money he had each day. Eating his lunch and taking the only and spending it on themselves.

They were quite menacing and older than George.

However, they didn’t figure on George being quite cunning.

George’s bro was quite worried that George would make a big deal of it and end up piling more pressure on him, by mistake.

George insisted that he’d end it, and that there would be no more bullying. And no repercussions.

Let me handle this.

George insisted that he made his brother lunch the next day.

He made him a gourmet chicken salad roll, with nice salad veggies and what appeared to be a generous serving of chicken.

Oh, no!

However, overnight George caught a mouse in a trap.

He laid the mouse in the slightly hollowed out bread roll, beneath all the other fillings, where it wasn’t easily seen.

Apparently the lead bully ate quite a bit of the roll before removing the mouse with his teeth.

That was the end of the bullying. And everyone knew what happened.”

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You gotta love it when bullies get what’s coming to them!

Nice work!

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