May 14, 2024 at 10:43 am

Chipotle Customer’s Request Can’t Be Made Via Their App, So She Cracked The Code On How To Speak To A Human At Their Local Store

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: TikTok/@artsialexsi

The trouble with ordering fast food online is that it’s mostly automated or controlled by call centers far away, so custom requests are hard, if not impossible.

But not for Chipotle customer @artsialexi, who shared her hack for custom food order requests.

It’s surprisingly simple and fast.

“I literally cracked the code on how to speak to a human when you call customer service,” she says, enthusiastically.

Source: TikTok/@artsialexsi

She uses the Chipotle app when ordering food for delivery from the restaurant online, but wants a side of vinaigrette for the bowl she orders.

There is no option to request that in their self-serve menu and this frustrates her: “Chipotle, if you’re seeing this, update your app.”

Source: TikTok/@artsialexsi

Further complicating the issue, you need to get to quickly a human at the location of your local Chipotle to make your request because it needs to be received before the order. “It’s kind of a timely thing.”

Her solution is unorthodox: When you call, ask for the lost and found.

Source: TikTok/@artsialexsi

Why does it work?

Because the call center will transfer you to someone who is actually in the building and can personally make sure your request is fulfilled.

“When you get to them, you just ask whatever you wanted to ask them.”

Who knew there was such a basic way to bypass a gatekeeper.

Watch the full clip here.


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Let’s check out what people had to say in the comments.

I do this, too, but found it often doesn’t work.

Source: TikTok/@artsialexsi

But if a lot of people catch on, maybe the restaurant will make it harder to get to locations for lost and found requests.

Although, one would hope they would just change their app to offer her request!

Source: TikTok/@artsialexsi

Good point. It doesn’t hurt to test.

Source: TikTok/@artsialexsi

I can only imagine how this option will resolve the stress of that.

Source: TikTok/@artsialexsi

I’m not sure how swearing can overcome phone directory issues, but I’m sure it’s cathartic!

Source: TikTok/@artsialexsi

Another reason to order food from a mom and pop restaurant.

It doesn’t get much more human than that and you get to support a local small business in the process.

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