May 31, 2024 at 2:23 pm

Comedian Shows Hilarious Costco Returns That Everybody Can Relate To. – ‘I’d like to return this rotisserie chicken.’

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@herzy1000

This is just a fun one.

And you gotta appreciate the props and costume changes.

A for effort.

A for story, too.

The absurdity is just too much, and people have so many similar stories.

TikTok user herzy1000 has just the skit for us.

Source: TikTok/@herzy1000

The video starts off pretty innocuously, as he walks into frame saying,

“Hi I’d like to return this non-stick pan.”

And his deadpan response when asked the reason for the return is so good,

“It’s sticky now.”

Source: TikTok/@herzy1000

The best one is this exchange:

“Hi sir”

“I’d like to return this rotisserie chicken”

as he calmly plops down a paper bag on the counter.

*confused and skeptical eye movements*

*peeks down with one eye and one finger prying open the bag*

*peers back up*

“…and when did you…”

“Bought it 24 hours ago”

*awkward pause*

“Okay not a problem”

Screen Shot 2024 05 23 at 3.39.43 PM Comedian Shows Hilarious Costco Returns That Everybody Can Relate To.   I’d like to return this rotisserie chicken.

You’ve got to see the whole video here, the green screen work is also top notch.


Costco’s Strong Return Policy – I saw a video about someone who returned a couch without a receipt, after having it for years. The comment section said that Costco will return anything. I made this video cause I thought it was funny and needed to make something that day. I’ve only been to a Costco one time, so it’s possible this is entirely made up. 😬 – #comedy #Costco #relatable #funny #funnyvideos #shopping #costcofinds #costcotiktok #costcoreturns

♬ original sound – Herzy1000

Let’s see how folks reacted.

This former Costco employee had a doozy of a similar interaction.

Source: TikTok/@herzy1000

While this person reminded people to just be judicious for the love of God.

Source: TikTok/@herzy1000

This one though.

This one takes the cake.

Source: TikTok/@herzy1000

I’d like to return this current year to 2013 please.

Now that you’ve read that story, check out this one about a delivery driver who took a $400 grocery order back because she wasn’t given a tip.