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Crazy Grandparents Blame Boy’s Mom For Dad’s Affair, So He Says If Anyone Is To Blame It’s The Two Of Them

by Ryan McCarthy

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If popular stereotypes today are to be believed, your spouse and your parents may not end up being the biggest fans of each other, no matter how hard you try!

And as much as this trope is played for laughs in Rom-coms and other popular media, there is actually some understandable basis for the classic rivalry.

Parents feel like they’re stealing you away from them, and your spouse may feel like your parents are out to get them. And sometimes, they really are out to get them!

Take this user’s grandparents, who had such a disdain for his Mom that they blamed HER for breaking up with their son after he cheated on her and got the other woman pregnant!

And not only that, they continued to blame her for all of his subsequent affairs, even after they had been divorced for 15 years!

So was OP wrong to put them in their place, even if they were his elders? See for yourself!

AITA for telling my grandparents they’re more to blame than my mom is for my dad’s inability to keep it in his pants?

My parents were together for 8 years, and had me when they were 24.

When I (17M) was 3 weeks old my mom found out my dad was cheating on her and a few weeks after that she found out he got another woman pregnant.

Their relationship was ended for good and my mom hates my dad. She tries to hide it from me but I know she hates him and I hate him too.

But OP said his Dad’s philandering didn’t stop after his parents split…

My dad has a lot of kids and probably has a lot more that we don’t know about. We know about 9 of us (me included) and all of us have different moms.

He has sole custody of two of them (14 and 12). He has a few he hardly ever sees and the rest he has about 50/50 with, which included me up to last year.

He’s not a good parent. He hates my mom.

And while OP said his Mom had been in a good place after their split, his Dad actively resented that fact!

Of all the involved parents my mom is the most financially and emotionally stable and has provided me with a life none of my dad’s other kids get.

I always have what I need for school, and never have to worry about running out of clothes or toiletries.

We are comfortable enough that I get to go on vacations and I got to take part in any extra curricular I wanted.

This was not helped by my dad at all. This was all my mom and what she provided for me. She has also made it possible for me to go to college if I want to.

In fact, OP’s Dad thought his Mom to use her stability to help him support the plethora of kids he had fathered!

My dad has always envied what my mom can do and he complains about her not “spreading the love” to his other kids and not helping him out with the mess he made.

My grandparents also hate my mom.

They feel like she provided so well for me that she could have and should have ensured that any children related to me didn’t have to watch one sibling get a good life while they suffered.

They also talk about my mom abandoning my dad and throwing away the family they could’ve had.

And no matter how many times OP reinforced his Dad’s guilt, his grandparents just wouldn’t listen…

I told them before, many times even, that my dad cheated and got someone else pregnant and there is no coming back from that for most people.

They disagree with this and say that many people make relationships work after cheating and they can learn to love the kids and give them all a good life.

But my mom decided to be selfish. They also say things sometimes about my mom being at fault for my dad having so many kids.

They act like her leaving made him go around impregnating every woman who’ll sleep with him. It ticks me off.

So when OP’s grandparents came to chew out his Mom, OP decided to give them a piece of his mind!

My grandparents turned up at our house while mom was at work a few days ago and told me they wanted to give her a piece of their mind.

I guess dad found out through his lawyer that mom had saved for me to go to college.

My grandparents started the usual crap about mom being to blame for dad having so many kids and not keeping it together and how she was wrong for everything.

Instead of saying to blame their son like I normally would I told them they’re more to blame then my mom since they raised him.

They were furious with me and told me people blame the parents way too much. AITA?

So OP’s Dad cheats on his Mom, and its her fault for leaving him? Then, after they’ve separated, he cheats on all of his partners, and it’s still her fault?

And she also at fault for *checks notes*…. being financially responsible enough to save for her son’s college? Guess the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree!

Reddit was just as confused as OP, with this user saying his story might be the most delusional they’ve seen on Reddit. And that’s saying something!

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This commenter was reminded of their own parents’ divorce, where their grandparents acted just as ridiculously as OP’s.

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But this Mom said she would do the exact opposite as OP’s grandparents, and her son better know better than to treat his girlfriend like that!

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Finally, this user said that as hard as it may be, it might be time for OP to lose contact with his grandparents.

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And let me guess, OP’s Mom is somehow responsible for his Dad not saving any money for his other kids too?

What a joke!

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