May 21, 2024 at 2:33 pm

Customer Claims Walmart Is Planning To Make Customers Pay A Subscription Fee To Use Self-Checkout Lanes

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@jackmacbarstool

Have you heard about this?!?!

I have not, but the guy who shared this video claims that it’s happening and he sounds pretty fired up about it.

His name is Jack and he posted a video on TikTok and talked about how Walmart is allegedly going to charge customers a subscription fee to use self-checkout lanes in some of their stores.

Source: TikTok/@jackmacbarstool

Jack said, “I want you to imagine a world where you have to pay a subscription fee to use self-checkout devices at major retailers across this country. Now I want you to stop imagining it because it is about to be a reality across this country.”

He added, “Not only do we not make any money, we are now charged to spend money.”

Source: TikTok/@jackmacbarstool

Jack continued and said, “Somebody has to stop all of this. I don’t know who it’s going to be, but somebody has to step up. And their first order of business is they have to get rid of all of these subscription services. I have more subscription services than I can even count.”

He added, “They ruined TV with the subscription services. I have to pay for subscription services for channels I didn’t even know I had if I want to watch a show now. They ruined TV and now they’re charging us to check out.”

Jack ended his video by saying, “What’s next? What are they going to charge next? Oxygen?” Source: TikTok/@jackmacbarstool

Source: TikTok/@jackmacbarstool

Here’s the video.


What is this reality we are living in. Walmart will be first. Target after that.

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And here’s how people reacted.

This person is over all the subscriptions…

Source: TikTok/@jackmacbarstool

Another viewer has a plan in mind.

Source: TikTok/@jackmacbarstool

And one TikTokker doesn’t sound too happy with their local Walmart.

Source: TikTok/@jackmacbarstool

I don’t know about all that…

But I do think people are absolutely going to push back.

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