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Entitled Mom Ate All The Food They Had Bought For Themselves, And Then Tried To Guilt Trip Them For Calling Her Out

by Matthew Gilligan

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I understand young people getting their food stolen by roommates and siblings, but how are you supposed to react when your own mom is ripping you off?

What the hell?!?!

That’s what this person is dealing with and now they want to know if they went too far with how they reacted.

Read their story and see what you think.

AITA for yelling at my mom because she ate the food that I bought with my money?

“Our fridge is usually close to empty. There’s always condiments, eggs and some sort of shredded cheese but that’s it. Usually cream for coffee too which I sometimes use for cereal.

There are some weird food wars going on in this house.

The pantry is full of dried pasta, Cheerios and granola bars that are strictly for my sister. My dad locks away all of the good food for himself and wears the key around his neck like Zoey101. So there’s nothing to really make besides scrambled eggs, cereal or pasta.

Yeah I should be grateful that there’s food at all but I’m sorry I can’t just live off of those things. Plus I have a really sensitive stomach so a lot of dairy and gluten will destroy my stomach.

Yesterday, I bought my own food and left it in the fridge. Starved myself all day for as long as possible so I could eat towards the end of the day to not go to bed hungry. I got a big enough meal to eat half last night and half tonight.

This was a special treat for them.

I don’t make enough money to buy solid meals for myself all the time so I was really looking forward to not eating the same old thing yet again. I opened the fridge today when I was hungry to the point of vomiting and the majority of my food was gone. Maybe a bite or two left but nothing I could actually get full off of.

So naturally I got mad because I’m starving, I paid for it with the little money I have in the first place and my mom didn’t even ask. So I walked into her (home) office and asked her if she ate my food. Her argument was that she thought it was old from days ago when she literally knows I came home with it last night.

I even got her something too which she ate for dinner last night. Then I got even more mad saying I’m starving and haven’t eaten anything in over 24 hours. She started bawling her eyes out and my dad started screaming at me for being over dramatic.

These people sound crazy.

Then she dramatically left the house saying she’s gonna blow off work for the rest of the day to go and get me the same meal.

My dad ran out and took the keys from her before she could leave then came inside saying she’s crying.

So not only did she eat my food, she guilt tripped me and made me feel like I’m the reason why she’s not gonna make any money today.

Because she ate my food that I starved myself for. I think I feel extra guilty because we get along well but this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

When I told my sister she sighed and rolled her eyes because this has happened to her too with the same excuse. All I know is that I’m mad, feel guilty and have extremely low blood sugar so I might just sleep it off or something.

AITA for reacting the way I did?

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SERIOUS issues!

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