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Entitled Neighbor Realizes She Cooks And Ask Her To To Make Him Meals, But She Thought It Was Creepy And Now Is Avoiding Him

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Well, this doesn’t sound like an ideal neighbor situation!

The woman who wrote this story is dealing with a neighbor who just can’t seem to take NO for an answer.

Is she acting like a jerk?

Let’s see what’s going on here…

AITA for not leaving food for my neighbor?

“I (25f) live alone in an apartment and mostly work from home. I LOVE cooking/baking as a hobby, and frequently experiment with new cooking styles or different ethnic cuisines.

Sometimes the food I make can be particularly strong (not in a bad way), and the smell will go into the hallways.

I’ve never had any complaints about this, and I occasionally bring food over to friends/family/a few neighbors that I’ve gotten friendly with. But I mostly just cook for myself (and for insta-likes lol).

Somebody noticed what was going on…

A few weeks ago, one of my neighbors (whom I have never spoken to; let’s call him Mike) asked me if I lived in the apartment that constantly had food smells coming from it.

I told him I cooked a lot and apologized if the smell was getting to him.

He said it wasn’t a problem and asked if I could cook meals for him occasionally, as he wasn’t a great cook and didn’t want to live off frozen pizzas forever.

That’s awkward…

He asked in a kind of joking way, but also in a kind of serious way.

I kind of nervously laughed it off and tried to leave, but he was like “actually though, I’d love it if you would make some food for me.”

I just nervously said “maybe” and left.

I thought that was the end of it, but two weeks ago, when I made curry, I had excess and dropped some off with a neighbor (an older woman I had gotten friendly with, and who had also left me food in the past).

Give it a rest, dude.

Mike noticed and “jokingly” asked where his curry was, but it was clear he also kind of expected me to make some for him.

I got a little annoyed, even if it was just a joke, and said Idk, maybe you should order some.

He got a little more aggressive, asking why I made food for everyone else, but not for him.

I said I don’t know him, and I made food for neighbors who had taken time to make conversations or help me out in the past, and he was making me really uncomfortable.

This guy sounds unhinged.

He started ranting that he’s a nice guy, and I’m being extremely rude and thoughtless for leaving people out and going off about how hard he works and that he has no time to just sit around and cook all day and that I must be so lucky to be able to spend all my time cooking (I have a full time job) and that life was easy for me.

Here we go again…

Now I feel kind of uncomfortable just passing by his unit and started taking a longer route to leave the apartment so I don’t pass by him.

But the other day, it snowed, and he knocked on my door and offered to scrape ice off my car or do other chores for me in exchange for a meal.

This felt really creepy (and also, like, I don’t understand at this point why he won’t just order food from somewhere?), and I said no, please leave.

He got all huffy and said I was being rude for not even giving him a chance to get to know each other and exchange favors.

I’m still a little uncomfortable with this, but AITA?”

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Is this guy pushy, or what?

Take a hint!

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