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Girlfriend Is Upset He Asked His Parents To Move In Without Talking To Her First, But He Says It’s His House And It’s None Of Her Business

by Trisha Leigh

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Relationships involve two people, and honestly once you reach a certain point, all decisions should be made by both parties.

If that’s not a thing you’re comfortable with, well…you probably won’t be in a relationship for very long.

Let’s take a look at this story from Reddit.

AITA for telling my girlfriend that I get to decide who lives in my house?

My girlfriend Alice (34 F) and I (34 M) have been together for a while now.

Although we are not married, we live in my house. We were discussing marriage options, though.

He moved to the States from another country, and is now keen on moving his parents here, too.

The issue is, as my parents are getting older and I had recently moved to the USA, I wanted them to remain together with me (and so did they).

I offered to bring them here, and they were agreeable to the idea.

But I did not want to leave them alone or to just get a house for them like that, so I asked them to live with me.

His girlfriend can’t believe he didn’t discuss asking people to move in with them with her.

When Alice heard about it, she was against the idea.

She said that I can’t just invite someone else to live with us, and I told her that it was not just “someone else” and that we are talking about my parents.

She said that she does not want that, and asked me why I am even doing it.

I told her “Well, they are my parents, and I want to look after them. I am not asking you to do that either.”

She protested by saying that I am valuing my parents more than her and asked me to just get them to an old age home or something.

He says it’s his house and his parents so go piss up a rope.

I lost my temper at that and told her to mind her own business, and that it’s against my values to just abandon my parents once they get old.

It resulted into a full-blown argument, and in the end I told her “I get to decide who lives in my house, so don’t interfere in my affairs”.

And he’s not sure whether or not he did anything wrong.

She’s now sour with me and is not talking to me, but I wonder whether I did anything wrong.


Reddit to the rescue!

The top comment says he’s not treating her like a human being.

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This person figures his gf will be moving out soon.

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They are past the point of unilateral decisions.

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No one thinks this woman will stick around.

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Maybe grow up a bit before trying again.

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I’m hoping there’s a bit of language barrier going on here.

Because if not…yikes.

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