May 10, 2024 at 3:37 pm

Google Saw A Concerning Spike In Searches For Eye Pain After The Latest Eclipse

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Pexels/Yvon Gallant

I’m sure that you heard some of the ruckus some folks were kicking up before the most recent solar eclipse.

End of the world, etc.

It might surprise you, however, to learn what Google search people were super curious about after it went down without fanfare.

Or maybe not.

Basically, the search term “my eyes hurt” spiked immediately afterward, and when you break the results down by state, they track along with the path of totality.

Source: Google Trends

It’s not a coincidence, either, because these terms were also searched in higher-than-normal volumes:

“eyes hurt after looking at eclipse”

“My eyes hurt after looking at the eclipse”

“why do my eyes hurt after looking at the eclipse”

Bless their hearts.

Source: Google Trends

Looking directly at the sun without eclipse glasses can cause what’s known as solar retinopathy – essentially a burn on your retina.

Symptoms could be watery and sore eyes, difficulty seeing shapes and details, discomfort in the presence of bright light, or a blind spot in your central vision.

Hopefully the people making these Google searches have gone to see a doctor.

Although honestly, I don’t think there is much that can be done after the fact.

Stay safe out there, y’all.

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