May 5, 2024 at 5:33 am

Rude Bar Customer Was A Jerk Over A Game Of Pool, So They Got Him Pulled Over By The Cops

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@albertstoynov

The world runs so much more smoothly when people are nice to each other.

That’s a fact, my friends!

But some people insist on being jerks for absolutely no reason…but they usually end up getting theirs in the end…

Take a look at what went down in this story from Reddit.

Got rude guy arrested for suspended license.

“In the mid 2000s my friends and I would frequent a small billiards place in a neighboring town where you could rent a table by the hour or play per game.

We’d play a few games, watch whatever sports were on TV, and have casual conversations. There were no problems and no drama until about 3 months of us visiting this place.

A guy shows and takes our spot at the billiards table. No big deal. We were all chatting anyway. 20 min later my friend lets him know we want to play next game and the jerk is super dismissive.

This guy wasn’t having it.

Needless to say, we didn’t get in during the next game. So I politely let him know we wanted to play next. Another lady chimed in she wanted the game after us. The guy blatantly ignored me and the other woman.

Some more time going by and the guy leave the table. We see our chance to get in. We put the quarters in and the balls are dispensed- except the green “6” ball. The guy took it to the bathroom with him.

At this point it was ridiculous and we notified the manager. The manager noted it was 12:30 and they were going to be calling last call and closing so he didn’t want to make a scene by kicking him out. He gets us another ball so we can play.

The guy comes out of the bathroom and knows we realized what he did. He smirks and proceeds to the patio to have a cigarette, bringing along his beer and the green billiard ball.

The guy comes back in and tossed the ball he was holding onto the table hitting a few balls on the table and messing up our game. He goes up to the bar just in time for last call.

You wanna play games with us?

One of the friends I was with suggested we follow him home and each call the highway patrol to report a suspected ***** driver. 3 of 4 of us agree. So when he leaves we used our trusty Nextel push-to-talk phones and coordinated several calls to the police.

We provided details like license plate, vehicle make and model and color, and mentioned the car nearly hit another vehicle, was swerving between lines and driving erratically. This was under a 15 minute plan.

We had no idea where the guy lived but suspected it was close as he was visiting a neighborhood place so our time was limited.


The one guy who didn’t notify the police tailed the jerk and called us giddy when a police officer pulled between him and the guy and turned in his lights to pull him over.

The police blotter that week included an arrested of a guy who was pulled over after multiple calls of erratic driving.

He wasn’t arrested for DWI but instead for driving on a suspended license.”

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That’ll show him!

What a jerk!

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