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He Doesn’t Use Much Of The Raw Honey He Pays For, But His Girlfriend Does Without Paying For It. So He Bought Secret Honey And Caused Problems.

by Ashley Ashbee

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We all like our special treats we want to keep to ourselves. But this can get sticky if he’s a food you use regularly and it’s expensive.

For this couple, it’s raw honey. Read on to see how this person stirred up the pot over his girlfriend’s honey use.

AITA For having my own secret honey stash?

Me 31 (M) and my partner 29 (F) have been living together for two years now. I like honey in my oatmeal. More specifically raw honey. Something about the flavor I just adore.

So I always bought it even if it cost a bit more than regular.

This special honey must be magical.

But it just so happens apparently she decided this is “our” honey at one point last year. The little jar that used to last me two months went out in two weeks of her waffles. I wouldn’t mind if we bought it together but I have to order it on amazon because no stores nearby sell the stuff.

Here come the concealment skills of a drug dealer.

I didn’t want to seem like a cheapskate telling her to pay me for it so in February the next bottle I got I hid it in my desk where I usually take my breakfast. Yesterday she happen to caught me pouring it into the oatmeal.

She got upset saying it was childish not to share it at that we are adults.

Then came the analysis skills of an accountant.

But is not sharing if she is taking 80% of it and paying nothing for it.

Today she came demanding honey for her waffles and I told her “It is my honey” and like out of the bloody meme she went “OUR honey”.

That started the discussion again.

Let’s check out the comments.

A lot of people found the whole thing childish and petty.

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But it will act as a symbol for “I get special and you get ordinary.”

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Looking at a relationship as inventory doesn’t seem romantic to me.

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This argument might work for me if those weren’t inherently communal. Food is.

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This is the solution I would choose.

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No wonder they say honey was the nectar of the gods.

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