May 21, 2024 at 1:51 am

He Showed His Son How to Shave, But His Wife Was Upset He Didn’t Check With Her First

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash

It’s a father-son bonding moment that’s as old as time…

I’m talking about when a dad teaches their son how to shave.

So why would a mom get upset about something like this?

Read on and see if you think this guy did anything wrong…

AITA for showing my son how to shave?

“My wife is saying ITA for showing our (14) son how to shave.

Alright, son, it’s that time…

This morning I was shaving and thought it was a good time to show my son how to shave since he is going through all the stages of puberty.

My wife heard what we were doing and got extremely upset and started crying because I didn’t ask her if it was okay to do this.

Say what?

I don’t think this is anywhere near a huge deal to cry over honestly but need perspective.

She said this was a crucial moment for him and I don’t fully disagree but I also think these are the moments between father and son.


Here’s how people responded.

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Another person agreed.

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This individual made a good point.

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Another Reddit user sounded off.

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I don’t think he did anything wrong.

Some moms just can’t let go!

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