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He Waited Patiently For His Late Girlfriend Twice In One Night, But Then Finally Gave Up and Drove Home. So Now She’s Mad At Him.

by Ashley Ashbee

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Don’t you hate it when you arrive on time and the person you’re meeting up with is late?

That gets even more frustrating when they keep you waiting for a super long time and do it more than once.

Check out what happened to the man in this story, who was waiting to pick up his girlfriend for a date night at his house.

AITA for driving off and not waiting for my GF?

AITA for leaving my GF, because i didn’t want to wait for her anymore..

Me (M25) and my GF (22) were supposed to meet up to make dinner and watch a movie at my place. I was stuck at school, and told her I’ll be done by 5pm.

She asked me if i could pick her up when i was done, which i agreed to.

A little after 5pm i drove to get her. She didn’t answer any my text or call. I then continued to wait for 20+ min.

She didn’t come out, and i knew she had seen my message, so i just drove home.

Sometimes there is a reason for lateness, but it turns out to be a trend.

While driving home, I received a text telling me she was in a discussion with her friend, and couldn’t leave.

She then asked me if I now could come get her again, now that she was done. I obliged, and drove back there.

Then, same thing happened again, and I ended up waiting at least 20 more minutes until i said f*** it, and drove home to make dinner alone.

Now over 2 hours since we originally were supposed to make dinner.

Then it gets heated and it’s clear both parties have different expectations.

Later she sent me a text, asking if i was irritated and mad at her, which i answered a clear ‘’Ye’’ to.

Now she is mad at me for being insensitive and for saying i got irritated by waiting that long.

So, AITA here? And just to clarify, the discussion turned out to be nothing serious.

Let’s hop over to the comments.

Well that’s one way to drop a hint. Yikes.

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I’m big on self-respect, too. If it really was a problem, she should have just cancelled.

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A lot of people didn’t understand why she was mad. I don’t either.

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Straight to the point, as many commenters were. I like it.

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Maybe there was a reason he didn’t like maybe her dad was there.

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That reminds me, I need to set my alarm.

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