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He Went Home Wearing His Girlfriend’s Clothes And His Parents Freaked Out, Accusing Him Of Being An Embarrassment

by Ashley Ashbee

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This may be the 21th century, but a lot of people are still very uncomfortable when gender roles are changed.

In this post, even the idea of people thinking the poster has a different lifestyle infuriates his family.

Check out what happened when the poster, a man, wore his girlfriend’s old clothes.

AITA for wearing my girlfriends clothes and refusing to change

I (16M) was at my girlfriend’s (16F) place and she made me try on her clothes as like a joke because we found out that we’re the same size.

I tried on a cropped t-shirt and low rise jeans.

It sounds like a healthy relationship.

She told me that I looked hot and told me to keep it on so I did because yeah I looked hot.

She gave me the clothes to keep.

This is more than disappointing, but sadly not uncommon.

My mum called me and told me to come home because my uncle and aunt was there and I should say hi.

I forgot to change so I went home in my girlfriend’s clothes I didn’t think it’d be a problem or anything but my parents were so ****** off.

This attitude seems to be most common with baby boomers and older people, but not necessarily.

Once I said hi to my aunt and uncle my mum pulled me to the kitchen and told me to go change, she called me an embarrassment.

I refused to change because like what the **** actually? Why does she care so much?

But why?

That made her 10x angrier and she called me disrespectful and some other ****.

After my aunt and uncle had gone my dad agreed with my mum and told me that I should throw the clothes away or give it back to my gf.

I said no because the clothes were cool I don’t get why they care so much it’s just clothes.

This is actually abusive. I hope he moves out.

My dad asked me if i’m gay and when I said no he told me that I looked gay and I just laughed at him.

Then my mom grounded me.

AITA? I feel like they’re overreacting.

Let’s take a look at the comments.

This isn’t quite the same, though, unless your parents were also expressing homophobic attitudes.

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You definitely need to pick your battles.

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I totally agree and support his decision, but I’m not sure it will have this effect.

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This person sounds like a wonderful parent.

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Yes. It’s not like cross-dressing is a 21st century invention, Dad! Source: Reddit/AITA

I’m glad my parents weren’t/aren’t like this.

Wishing this kid all the best.

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