May 13, 2024 at 11:51 pm

Her Best Friend Is Getting Married, But She’s Skipping It to Go To A Taylor Swift Concert

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Wikimedia Commons

Hmmmm…a Taylor Swift concert or your friend’s wedding…

Which one would you choose?

I think we know how most people would answer that question!

But now this woman is in hot water with her BFF.

Is she wrong?

Read her story and see what you think.

AITA for choosing a concert over my best friend’s wedding?

“My (26f) best friend (26f) Jessy is getting married on July 13th in Albania. We both live in Albania.

There’s a BIG problem…

The issue is that on July 13th my fiancé and I have booked tickets for the Taylor Swift Eras tour in Milan almost one year in advance or else they’d sell out. We also had to book hotels, flights etc because we’ll stay there for 4 days.

Jessy knew that I’ve booked tickets on that date. She hadn’t booked her wedding yet. She got engaged in November and booked her wedding date last month.

She had told everyone she’d get married during summer but she never said the exact date up to this point when many people kept asking her so they can know their plans. I booked the tickets this past summer when the tour dates were announced.

Uh oh…

When she told me the date I told her she can’t be serious. She was like why? I reminded her I have the concert and the trip on those dates. And she told me ok? Then cancel it obviously? I told her sorry I can’t. I can’t cancel the hotel, plane tickets and concert tickets.

I’ll have to pay a high fee to cancel all that and I don’t think I can even cancel the concert tickets. I reminded her it’s something I’ve planned a year in advance and she knew.

And she straight up told me that yes she knew but she didn’t care because as a friend she’d expect me to do the right thing and drop everything for her wedding. I told her I’m not cancelling my plans for something you knew a year in advance I’d do.

She accused me of being ta basically for putting a trip and a concert over her wedding. She won’t speak to me now unless I send her proof that I’m cancelling everything to attend her wedding.”

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I mean… it’s Taylor Swift.

Sorry, not sorry.

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