May 23, 2024 at 11:55 pm

Her Boyfriend Gave A Stranger A Ride Home With Their Baby In the Car, And Now He Doesn’t Understand Why She’s Upset

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

You gotta be nuts to let a stranger in your car these days!

Are you with me on this one?!?!

So was this woman wrong for how she reacted when her husband gave a stranger a ride in their car?

Let’s take a look…

AITA: Didn’t want to give an older lady a ride home.

“Yesterday after church we stopped at a gas station less than 1 minute from where we live.

It was me (31F), my boyfriend (36M, driving) and my 14 month old in the car.

What’s going on here?

I was on my phone and then suddenly he was opening the backseat door to let a middle aged lady (maybe 60 years old?) in with her grocery bags. Apparently she was asking people for a ride home and he accepted.

On the way there they were chatting and he even pointed out where we live, which really concerned me. She lived quite far away from the gas station and I was surprised she said she walked there, thought it wasn’t more than 5 mins away.

She wasn’t cool with this.

I was really upset that my boyfriend let a stranger into our backseat with our daughter.

The lady was very nice, but these days you have no idea if people are carrying a knife or a gun on them.

I told him I wished he could have at least had her sit up front so she wasn’t near our toddler, or dropped us off at home first then went back to get her (that would have taken 3 minutes to do).

Her boyfriend sounds clueless.

I brought this up to my BF.

He got really mad at me for “being un-Christ like” and called me a bad person who lives in fear.

I am honestly quite the opposite and usually quite trusting of people, just not when it comes to my daughter.

She’s too young to talk or understand things. Also was mad at him for what felt like weaponizing religion against me for my concern.

Im feeling really guilty because it’s not that I don’t think it was sweet he wanted to give her a ride home. I just had a mom instinct to protect my daughter. This all led to a huge argument between us.

Do you think I overreacted?”

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This person wouldn’t have gone for this…

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This Reddit user said she needs to talk to her husband about this kind of stuff.

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Yeah, this is all kinds of off.

Let him take risks when it’s just his own life at stake.

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