May 4, 2024 at 7:33 pm

Her Boyfriend’s Mom Snatched Her Credit Card And Bought Something On Amazon. Now The “Thief” Is Mad She’s Pressing Charges.

by Ashley Ashbee

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When I was seven, my house was robbed. They stole jewelry, a camcorder and money we’d collected for charity. Over 30 years later, I still feel violated.

It would be even more alarming if the thief turned out to be someone I knew and then that person got mad at me for seeking justice about it, like what happened in this story. Read it below.

AITA? I’m Pressing Charges Against My BF’s Mom After She Stole My Card Info

So I (22F) am dating Greg (25M). His mom is Lisa (70F). Last month we attended a funeral for a family member of Greg and Lisa. After the service, everyone was mingling in the fellowship hall and eating, and Lisa stepped out for a smoke break. I happened to see her, through one of the open church windows, get into the back seat of the car while lighting her cigarette, and then she started rummaging in the large bag that I brought along.

A good reason to have paying options on your phone, although I’m not comfortable with that from a cybersecurity standpoint.

I stopped by the gas station two days later for some gas, and realized I was missing my card from my wallet. I used ApplePay so I could get my gas, went home, and started searching.

Strange, but happens to me a lot because I have a terrible short term memory. I wouldn’t have read much into this.

The next day, Greg texted me saying he found my card on top of the washer. He said he doesn’t know how he missed it, but it was there waiting when he went to do some laundry.

Fortunately my short term memory isn’t so terrible that would ignore this. Scary!

The next day was pay day, I checked my account to see what I made, and I noticed directly below the direct deposit was a withdrawal for an Amazon order.

Yikes. I would have been furious. A huge betrayal of trust and it’s downright sketchy.

I cancelled the card and reported potential fraud, and then it was discovered that LISA has used my card for the purchase because she couldn’t find hers. She said she would pay me back soon, and that she really needed it. I don’t know what she bought, but I don’t care considering she STOLE my card.

Well, color me surprised! All the more reason to take this seriously.

She also apparently has a history with gambling and stealing, she has taken money from Greg before, and a driving factor of her divorce with Greg’s father was that she stole most of his savings while they were separated. He has never recovered the money, but it was almost half a million.

Good. Who cares what she thinks? You need to protect yourself.

I decided I would involve the cops, and now Lisa is furious and saying I’m being a brat and a lot of other insults and that I could have just waited for her to pay me back. Even though she also has a rep of not paying people.

Let’s see what people in the comments had to say.

Yes! It proves she’s a total con artist. Nothing good can come from appeasing a con artist.

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Con artists get to keep conning because people do nothing. Stop the cycle.

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Anyone mad at you for taking action isn’t someone worth having in your life.

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Maybe OP should have invited her for tea and cookies to talk it through? Who knows what these people think.

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What difference does it make? OP should be less mad if it was only $3? Nope. It’s the principle that makes it bad.

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Always stand up for yourself when someone steals from you! Don’t back down.

They’ll just keep doing it to other people.

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