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Her College Roommate Was Treating Her Terribly, So She Hatched A Plan To Have Another Nasty Girl To Take Over Her Lease

by Matthew Gilligan

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Ugh…having a bad roommate can make life totally MISERABLE.

And this young woman had enough of her college roommate, so she decided to take action and make things right in her world.

Check out how she pulled it off in the story below!

You are a terrible roommate. Let me help you!

“My freshman year of college I was placed with a highly incompatible roommate. Here is my elaborate and extremely petty revenge story, and how I got to move out.

The players (all 17-18f, all living on same floor except for Dasha):


Colleen – my roommate

Karen – friends with Colleen, roommates with Svetlana

Svetlana – Karen’s roommate, close friends with Dasha

Dasha – lived on different floor with a truly awful roommate

Jane – my friend and future roommate

Bonnie – Jane’s roommate with mental health struggles.

This was a BAD situation.

The struggles:

Me and Colleen are very incompatible and she was very nasty about it.

Karen and Svetlana had no problems living together at all

Bonnie’s mental health issues meant that it was not the right time for her to share a room with anyone.

Dasha’s roommate was having similar struggles, but refused to recognize them as such and blamed Dasha for absolutely wild and untrue things.

The revenge:

I knew from Day 1 that I did not like living with Colleen but got close to others on my hall quickly and wanted to stay.

Her roommate was RUDE.

So, while I was cordial to her, things got increasingly volatile and the thing that broke me was when I went to bed one night at around 10 and she, Karen and another friend busted into our room, turned on the lights and started having a dance party with the sole purpose of laughing at me and telling me I was a loser for sleeping.

It was the weirdest thing, but the following day, Jane told me Bonnie was moving to a “psycho single” and she worried about who would move in. I asked if she was cool if it was me, we spoke with the RA, and I started packing.

Colleen was FURIOUS and that is when the plan came to me, fully baked.

She and Karen were sitting in her bed, watching me pack and talking loudly about me and guessing about the psycho who would end up living there when I said “You know, Karen can move in and be your roommate. Like, just go talk to the RA and have her move in. Then Dasha could move in with Svetlana (we all knew about Dasha’s issues) and you don’t have to live with a rando.”

I knew Karen was a people pleaser, and though she already had doubts about Colleen, she wouldn’t be able to resist helping Dasha and making Colleen happy. They spoke with the RA, and by that evening, Dasha was living with Svetlana, Karen and Colleen were together, and Jane and I had our room.


Karen realized what a nightmare Colleen was and spent the rest of the year miserable, but was too much of a people pleaser to say anything about it.

During graduation week, we did a floor reunion and Karen brought up the day we shuffled the rooms and the “unexpected” consequences. I told her they were not unexpected at all.

“I was just going to move in with Jane and let whatever happen, but you and Colleen were sitting there being such jerks that I decided you deserved each other. I knew that if I told you you could move in while you were in front of Colleen, you would have to do it, and I knew you wouldn’t like it. So, I did.”

The look on her face was so classic. Like, she had spent weeks ganging up on me and being mean to me in my own room, and thought that I had made that recommendation out of the goodness of my heart?


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Nicely done!

We salute you!

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