May 11, 2024 at 7:52 pm

Her Company Hired Someone Else After She Had To Take A Few Sick Days. She Responded By Quitting For A Better Work/Life Balance.

by Ashley Ashbee

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A toxic situation at work is the worst, but sometimes it provides the motivation you need to realize you don’t deserve this and move on to something better.

Read how this employee stuck up for herself when her boss shortchanged her because she’d been off sick.

Pass me over? Ok. I’ll leave.

This is only a small piece of pettiness on my part.

I have a 0hr contract working in hospitality. A full time Supervisor role came up and since I have experience in that area I thought why not??

She must have been excited.

Interview went really well with the Assistant Manager, we had a laugh and a chit chat along with answering the same old boring questions (I added flare, don’t worry).

I’m glad she put her colleagues’ safety and her health first.

Soon after I had a minor illness – the kind you don’t want to be around food – so took 4 days off to be clear of it.

So they didn’t hire internally despite desperately needing someone in the role?

My first day back is a training day, comments are made about being short staffed, unable to fill more of the 0hr contracts and how we need some help.

“Luck” is the operative word in a place that seems to have high turnover.

LUCKILY. They’ve filled the supervisor role and she’ll be starting next week.

It’s quite low-class for them to not even mention it to you.

It ain’t me and this is the first time I’m hearing I’ve clearly been unsuccessful in my application.

I get a half ***** apology from the Manager at the end of the days sessions with a “I like to do these things in person, but you were off sick. You would have gotten the role yet the other candidate can fill the hours we need”.

As enticing as that sounds…

They wanted me to guarantee I could work 60 – 70hrs a week despite this not being what the job states/entails.

I told them I’d happily do 50/60 in the busy season, which I think is more than satisfactory to anyone else.

Good! There was a pattern of toxicity that wouldn’t have ended.

Anyhow, I left for home and get a call for a job I had interviewed for before I went off sick.

I was hedging my bets and glad I did!

I salute you! Best wishes for a fabulous new job.

So I’ll be off to a 3 day work week elsewhere for more money. See ya later!

Yet another reason to leave. I bet they’re baffled about why their turnover is high and they have trouble filling roles.

Oh and good luck filling that extra 0hr role with no job security….

Let’s check out the comments.

Kudos and congrats to this person! The entitlement and disillusionment of these people baffles me.

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I’d love to see the look on the manager’s face.

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No, no. That would make too much sense.

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It must have been so cathartic to fill out that feedback form! Good for you.

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Isn’t it sad that we’re conditioned to think that seeking basic wellness and self-respect makes us “petty”?

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Have a bad job?

Think of all the people who are rooting for you to have a better life!

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