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Entitled Brothers Wouldn’t Move Out Of The House She Inherited, So She Demolished Half Of It While They Were On Vacation

by Matthew Gilligan

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Every family has at least one…

I’m referring to a lazy person who doesn’t do any work and only wants to reap the benefits of everyone else’s labor.

This family has TWO, and their sibling got tired of their nonsense and decided to put an end to their free ride.

Check out what happened!

AITA for demolishing our family home while my brothers were on vacation?

“I’m not the type of person who’d ask strangers for advice but I’m genuinely too embarrassed to tell my friends.

I’m also terribly guilt ridden and confused. One minute I think I’m fully in the right and the next I think I’m being horrible.

My parents passed away four months ago due to long standing health issues and old age, my mother first and then three weeks later my father.

My parents had two sons and one daughter. I’m 38, my brothers are 46 and 47.

Their brothers sound pretty difficult.

My brothers lived at my parents house. All their lives our parents catered to them hand and foot. They fed their egos three meals a day.

As they aged it became harder and harder, eventually they were just worn out by my brothers.

Throughout the last few years my parents tried to set boundaries but my brothers took it as a declaration of war.

In the end they pretty much lived in fear of my brothers.

They were in for a shock.

When my parents passed away they left me the house and some money, I was truly surprised.

I like everyone else assumed my brothers would get it all.

They left a letter saying they greatly regretted having favored my brothers and for having to rely on me in their old age and as compensation for having financially supported them the past 15 years they left me the house and for $525,— of insurance payouts to be divided between the three of us.

They acknowledged in the letter that they know the house and my $175,000 doesn’t come close to financially compensating me but they hoped it at least helped.

My plans are to use my share of the inheritance to fix up the house. It’s an old house and it needs considerable amount of work to bring it up to code.

My brothers had no intentions in helping me with the house. They continued being lazy, arrogant and entitled.

I continued to pay all the utility bills and whatever else the house needed.

I couldn’t afford to keep paying. I asked them to move out several times and they flat out refused.

These guys are creeps!

My brothers also went through their inheritance like it was nothing. They are quickly running out of money.

They bought cars, went to Vegas and just spent like there was no tomorrow.

I had enough of trying to be reasonable and I demolished half of the house while they were on their cruise.

My brothers went on a cruise last month and during their time away I packed all their things into two storage units and I paid 6 months in advance for them and then I just let the construction crew start working on the house.

My brothers returned to a construction site.

They called and texted me a few hundred times but I never picked up.

Eventually they got other family members to call me.

Everyone is making me out to be a monster.

Apparently I’m a terrible sister and that my parents would be disappointed in me for leaving my brothers homeless and living in a motel.

I feel like I’ve done enough for them. I’ve supported them in some way or another my whole life.

I tried to be reasonable but they are unreasonable and insanely entitled.”

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I can’t believe she lasted this long.

I wonder how long it will take them to figure out how to live on their own.

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