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Her Feud With Her Half-Sister Reaches A Boiling Point, But Nothing Gets Resolved And Her Dad Thinks She Was Wrong

by Ashley Ashbee

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When you don’t treat a bad wound, it festers and gets infected until it eventually explodes. The same thing happens with long-term family drama.

In this story, the feud between half-sisters was even uglier than a pus-filled scab. Read on to see it unfold.

AITA for telling my half sister I ran away because of her?

I have a half sister, Emily, who is a year younger than me. My mom and dad split custody of me while my dad had sole custody of her.

I hated Emily growing up. I hated being forced to play with her and take her everywhere. I hated my dad trying to get me to include her in everything.

OP’s pain from years of resentment is palpable.

For my last two years of school, I chose to live with my dad full time as my mom moved away and I didn’t want to change schools. This left me in the house full time with Emily.

Playing babysitter to her became so unbearable, I eventually “ran away” from home to live with my best friend. I lived with him until I finished school.

Grudges seem to stick around forever.

After I left I kind of cut Emily off. She takes it out on me by constantly bad mouthing me to relatives, telling exaggerated lies about me.

Wednesday I had dinner with my family her new bf and it came up that I’d left home as a teenager.

Emily said I’d left home so that I didn’t have any rules, and alluded to me being a heavy partier. I said I left because Emily suffocated me and my dad did nothing.

My dad and I had a short back and forth about it, but Emily started crying and she and her bf left early.

They finally have it out with each other.

Later that night, Emily sent me a message digging me out for saying that in front of her bf. I responded by digging her out for insinuating I had a substance issue. She said I could have refuted that without bringing up how much I hate her.

I said she could have just avoided the whole conversation by not trying to lie about me with me sitting right there.

My dad thinks I should have just said we had our “differences.” His girlfriend thinks I’m right.

Was it an AH move to choose now to tell the truth?

Here’s what people in the comments had to say.

Some people held both Emily and OP’s accountable and I agree.

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Ah, interesting. Get out the body armor.

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Right, why was her mom not even mentioned? My guess is that it was too painful for OP.

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I think the only reason to talk smack about someone in the same room is if you’re looking for a fight.

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Bingo. I believe the pain OP is expressing is actually about her dad. Maybe it’s subconscious.

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Good thing people know better than to try to mop the floor with me.

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