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Her Foster Mother Doesn’t Approve of Her Older Brother, So She Ended Up Calling Her A Creep And Laughing In Her Face

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Calling someone a creep is pretty harsh, there’s no two ways about it

And this teenager thinks she might have stepped over the line for what she said to her foster mother.

But was she justified in what she said?

Read her story below and see what you think.

AITA for calling my foster mother a creep?

“I (F15) got taken into care 2 years ago, which I protested against. I could’ve easily just gone to live with my older brother, Nile (M23), instead of being forced to live with some strangers.

The couple I live with, Mavis and Daniel (F49,M50) are okay I suppose. They’re more keen on me than I am on them. They couldn’t have kids of their own and they’re doing their best to make me theirs, which can be stifling. They don’t understand that I’m not a toddler or some super sheltered teenager that they need to be protective over.

This isn’t going well…

They freak about almost anything, Mavis gets upset if I wear make up, she freaked out when I got my ears pierced with some of my friends last year. She keeps saying that she doesn’t want to jeopardise anything that would forbid them from adopting me in the long term.

There’s another big problem.

My foster parents dislike Nile, they don’t like the way he speaks (very heavy Manchester accent, swears a lot), he’s come over once on my birthday and they told him off for calling me ‘our kid’. They think that he’s rough, just because he doesn’t live conventionally and is quite bohemian.

I don’t see him a lot as he’s an audio technician for gigs and he tends to travel a lot. He’s been in town recently and he’s called me to ask if I’d like to go and spend time with him, he’d even pay for the eyebrow piercing I’ve been wanting. Of course, I agreed.

He turned up at the house, all set to pick me up, I even told Daniel prior and he said that it was alright. Literally as I was putting my coat on, Mavis came and started acting as if something horrible was going to happen.

She said that Nile can’t take me out because it wasn’t previously arranged with the social worker, and that she ‘doesn’t trust him enough to take care of a vulnerable teenager right.’

Literally slammed the door in his face. She then apologised to me and said that she was only safeguarding, that Nile is unpredictable and could be seen as unsafe because he is part of my bio family.

I laughed in her face because its just so absurd, and I called her a creep for thinking the worst of my brother.

It’s upset her and even Daniel said that I was being immature and an *******.”

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Yikes…that didn’t go well!

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