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Her Friend Complained About Her Dating Life. She Responded By Telling Her She Might Want To Start Shaving.

by Matthew Gilligan

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This one is gonna be a toss-up between readers, friends!

And hey, when it comes to women shaving, to each their own!

But the question remains…did this woman go too far?

AITA for suggesting to my friend that she should shave?

“My (29f) friend, let’s call her Emily (32f) is an amazing person – she’s fun, adventurous, intelligent, super active, a fantastic cook, outgoing and just a great girl to be around.

Emily made a choice…

A few years ago she decided not to shave anymore (legs, armpits, female areas) out of protest to the patriarchy, resulting in her having very long dark hair everywhere.

A few days ago, we were having a beer and she told me how sad her dating life was, that she kept meeting guys and having very fun dates but never got a call back or when she tried asking for a second or third date, got rejected in a very generic manner.

She decided to give her the straight dope.

Now after telling her “you’re so gorgeous and wonderful, the right man will come don’t worry” multiple times, I decided to go out on a limb.

I said something along the lines of “I know this is a very superficial thing to say, but do you think it might help a little if you would shave?“

Uh oh…

She was very taken aback and told me she was disappointed I would suggest she change her appearance for men and that I was the reason so many women were suppressed.

I immediately apologized but the evening was pretty much ruined. I texted her the next day apologizing again for hurting her but she hasn’t replied.

I really did not want to hurt her but I also don’t quite see how my comment was that bad so I am not sure how to phrase my apology.

So decided to take it here and ask people here how big of an ******* I am.”

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Yikes… this is gonna be tense for a while…

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