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Her Friend’s Cheating Ex Constantly Lied To Her, So She Recorded His Disgusting Words And Used Them Against Him

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

We all have a friend whose partner is…. let’s just say less than desirable. But it’s not like you can just tell them to break up.

Because first… your friend is just going to be angry with you, and second… people need to find out for themselves that someone is garbage.

But once your friend finally wakes up to the loser they’re with, there is nothing like that post-break up debrief where you lay out all the red flags you had tried to subtly warn them about.

But this user one-upped that debrief by using the words of her friend’s manipulative ex against him, and showing his lies not just to her, but the girl he was cheating with!

Check it out!

Recording a manipulative liar and turn his words against him

It was during college. At the time, my best friend was in a very toxic relationship.

Her boyfriend was very petty and manipulative and they would always fight for no reason.

He would lie all the time to get people’s attention and consideration, and he could be flirtatious with other girls. You get the picture.

While they were still together, she discovered that he was cheating on her with one of my closest friends from college. She was devastated and so was I.

And OP wasn’t just furious with the boyfriend, she was furious with the friend who went behind her girl’s back!

I ended up being very upset against my so-called friend that she didn’t tell me what she was doing even though it would imply hurting someone I love.

Hurting my friends means hurting me, and it was almost done on purpose. Besides, I saw her with him before I found out, and they seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

No one was angry, no one showed any kind of remorse. No one was trying to be respectful by avoiding the other.

I naturally ended the relationship with her because I couldn’t forgive her behavior and best friend left her boyfriend.

But if men have anything, it’s the audacity. And this ex boyfriend was no exception!

HOWEVER, he tried his best to win her back by knocking on her door in the middle of the night, calling me in tears and threatening to kill himself out of desperation…

He even had the nerve to denigrate the girl he had cheated with, with terrible things.

I knew for sure that he was going to criticise my best friend in front of my ex-friend to play with both of them and take advantage of the situation.

So I decided to beat him at his own game, so that the liar couldn’t lie anymore.

So OP set up a situation where there was no way the ex could lie about what he had said, and watched as he dug his own grave!

While he was on the phone, I asked my best friend to turn on the speaker and I started recording him. I wrote a few little questions for her to ask, just to add fuel to the fire.

He answered as expected, saying horrible things about the other girl.

“She’s too fat to be loved”, “she’s just a wh*re”. “She has no self-respect or self-esteem”. “He’d rather die than touch her again”.

“Alcohol has a terrible effect on me and she’s just disgusting”. You get the picture.

And with all the evidence she needed, OP began creating a glorious mash up of every nasty thing he had said about the other girl.

Then she hung up and I started to cut the rush to create something which would sound more like an Old Dirty Bastard monologue than a discussion.

I’d managed to make it sound like he’d finally said all his horrors in one go. I gave it to my best friend to send to the girl.

The girl was so damaged by the voice that she took it to her brother, who came to beat up the man who finally could not lie and fight against… his own voice.

I have no remorse for what I’ve done.I think sometimes people need to be treated the way they treat their own. Petty revenge for petty behavior.

There is nothing more satisfying than confronting a pathological liar with the receipts. I would give anything to see the look on this man’s face as his own words played back for him.

Reddit had exactly zero sympathy for this dirtbag, saying that sometimes people need a wake-up call like this to learn from their horrible actions.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And OP agreed in the comments, saying that while it may have been harsh, it was definitely justified!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally, everyone in the comments was wondering where they could find a friend like OP!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Oh no! If it isn’t the consequences of your own philandering actions.