May 16, 2024 at 1:45 am

Her Husband Didn’t Give Her His Full Attention At Their Wedding Vows Renewal, And Now She’s Upset That Her Night Didn’t Got As Planned

by Matthew Gilligan

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I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that these two have some communication issues…

And you’ll see what I’m talking about in just a minute!

Read this woman’s story and see what YOU think.

AITA for being upset I was ditched during and after my own wedding?

“It was actually a vow renewal, we got legally married last year with just us there no family or friends, so just now got the “party” all planned.

We had a really short ceremony at the beginning and then partied!

She had a request…

I specifically asked him to please stay with me and to hang out with me as we mingled around because I know how he gets around his friends and usually I hang by myself if they are around. And he’s like “yeah of course we will go around together”.

That didn’t happen.

He took off and was gone and I legit spent the majority of party standing by myself (98% of the people there were his).

Then at the end of the night it was over around 9 so fairly early, there was a plan at some point, a lot of the attendees were going to go out to a bar to which he decided he was going.

This was gonna be trouble.

I wanted to go home, with him, and have our “wedding night”. This was absolutely not acceptable to him because “his family was in town and going to go out too”.

So, I stayed home by myself and went to bed while he went out to the bar.

Next day, I’m upset of course and he keeps asking me why, what did he do?

Like how did he not know?

Things got tense.

When I explained, it got pushed back on me that I should have kept up with him and he found me 1 time outside when I was trying to cool down cause I was super hot.

So he keeps bringing that one time I “left” and he found me outside.

Then told me that I was making stuff up and I wasn’t alone and that if I was it was my fault.

So, is it my fault?


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This person thinks she needs to get away from her husband.

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This Reddit user said they all SUCK.

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Another person agreed she’s NTA.

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Yeah, everyone sucks here.

He could have been more attentive. She should have had realistic expectations.

Something tells me that this marriage won’t last much longer.

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