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Her Husband Didn’t Tell Her About His Health Scare When It Happened, So She Told Him She Doesn’t Want To Know Anything More About It

by Matthew Gilligan

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AITA for telling my husband I don’t care what the doctor says?

“I 38 F have been married to my husband 41 M for 10 years. We have been together for 12. He told me today when he got home from work at 8pm that he passed out at work.

She was shocked.

He told me the medics were called and now he has to go to the doctor to get blood work done. He did not call me and asked his co workers not to call me because he didn’t want me to worry. It really hurt my feelings.

This comes after an accident that happened just after we started dating. He was involved in a serious explosion that caused 1st and 2nd degree burns on the right side of his face and arm.

He didn’t call me until her was getting discharged from the hospital as I was not listed as an emergency contact yet.

She was clear about how she felt.

I explained to him after that accident that I would have like to been there for support, to talk to doctors, to ask questions, to learn aftercare and anything else that was important information.

Well after he told me about today’s incident, he began asking what I think it could have been, what it could be, what the Dr might say, and so on.

I told him if you didn’t care enough to let me know something was wrong when it was wrong…I don’t care enough to care now.


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