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Her Husband Doesn’t Approve Of Her Daughter Being In A Group That’s All Boys, So She Laughed In His Face.

by Matthew Gilligan

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Sometimes, all you can do is laugh in someone’s face…

But I think you and I both know that doesn’t always end well!

Check out this woman’s story and see if you think she took things too far with her husband…

AITA for laughing at my husband and calling him silly for being overprotective of his daughter?

“My (38F) stepdaughter is 12, and she lives full time with my husband (40M) and I.

She is really into LEGO and has started a YouTube channel with our permission to share some videos of her builds. It’s just a small, amateur channel with a few hundred followers but she’s very passionate about it.

Because of this hobby she made some friends online, and those in the group that live close by decided to meet for the first time. The meet up was in a city an hour away and I was the one to drive her there.

Sounds nice!

They are also young teens ranging from 11 to 14 (I think the oldest was 15), and most of them have their own LEGO-based channels. It was a lovely meet, just young people bonding over a shared interest.

But one thing that surprised me was that my stepdaughter was the only girl in the group. All of them are teenage boys.

They also didn’t know she was a girl because her YouTube channel doesn’t have her name or any personal information, and her videos are mostly of their builds and she doesn’t show her face (at mine and her father’s insistence).

So there was this cute moment of shock in their faces when they were trying to figure out who she could be. They quickly got over it.

Uh oh…

The thing is my husband didn’t take it so well when I told him about this after we came home. He thinks it’s an “all-boys” group and it’s not appropriate for his daughter to be in future meets (because they are already planning the next one to build a project together).

I thought his concern was so ludicrous that my immediate reaction was to laugh.

I guess there was a part of me that thought it was amusing to see his “protective father” instincts kick in.

That didn’t go well…

He got really upset with me for laughing, saying I don’t understand what’s like for hormonal boys being this age.

I doubled down by telling him he was just being silly.

I was there the entire time, and so did other parents, and the same would happen in any future events. There was nothing inappropriate about this. It took me a while to realize he was SO serious about this subject.

Fortunately, he realized eventually it would be grossly unfair to deprive his daughter of these new friendships, but he’s still mad at me for laughing and calling him silly.

He felt I was dismissive and sort of an *******.”

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This dad needs to get a grip.

We’re all just human, fam!

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