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Her Husband Took Care Of The Kids While She Was Sick, And Now He Thinks He Deserves TIme “Off.” She Says That’s Not How Life Works.

by Matthew Gilligan

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These two got some issues to work out!

And let’s hope they get to the bottom of it…

Is this woman wrong for what she said to her husband?

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AITA for telling my husband he can’t take “time off” after I was sick?

“I (37f) got the flu two weeks ago. I got it pretty bad. I had GI issues in top of the usual cold symptoms.

I was in bed for four days with a fever ranging from 103-106 (Fahrenheit), plus chills, body aches and vomiting.

It was awful. My husband, to his credit, did take care of me.

He stepped up.

He took a day off of work when he needed to, took care of the kids (14, 6, 4 and 1) solo and made sure I was staying hydrated, asked if I needed anything, etc…

However, he’s not me and there are things that didn’t get done.

I’m a SAHM and manage the lion’s share of household chores. He works long hours and you can’t do chores if you’re not home.

There are some problems here…

When he IS home, he does spilt things with me mostly fairly. He’s NOT used to having the kids by himself for days on end though.

Laundry piled up, the kids made epic messes, the dog poop didn’t get picked up in the backyard and a bunch of other random tasks didn’t get done.

He also gave the kids stickers, which they stuck to our hardwood floors, windows and furniture. I have to scrape them all off one by one.

I’m feeling better now but not 100%. I’m starting to dig us out of the hole we fell into.

Today, my husband told me that he was going to “take a few days off to recharge.”

They’re at odds over this.

I told him we could discuss this next week but right now I really needed his help with the kids so I could reset our lives and get back to normal.

He got a little upset and I snapped at him and said that maybe if he had done more than the absolute minimum when I was sick, it would be a different story.

He’s not happy with me and I’m wondering if I am an ******* for what I said.”

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This reader said she’s NTA.

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Another individual said he doesn’t deserve it…

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Another person had a lot to say.

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And one person said she’s NTA.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This seem to be a common problem these days.

And it doesn’t seem as if it will be resolved anytime soon.

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