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Her Husband Wanted Privacy With His Doctor, But She Showed Up At His Appointment Anyway

by Matthew Gilligan

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If someone says to butt out, take them at face value and mind your own business!

Those are words to live by, friends…

But this woman clearly isn’t taking that advice to heart and now she’s in some hot water with her husband.

Was she wrong?

Check out her story and see what you think.

AITA for showing up to my husband’s Dr. appointment?

“My husband has been dealing with some health issues the past few weeks and has been frequently visiting the doctor.

I asked if I could go with him but he refused saying it wouldn’t be necessary.

When I asked why he wouldn’t want me with him he said he felt more comfortable having privacy with his doctor.


I jokingly asked if his doctor was a women and he glanced at me.

I anticipated his next dr appointment and decided to go meet him there.

He went and 10 minutes later I entered the office (I identified myself as his wife) and he was shocked when he saw me.

I greeted his doctor (a man) and we talked but my husband refused to even look my way and refused to speak as well.

He wasn’t happy about this.

We left the office together and he went off on me in the car saying I shouldn’t have “followed” him and came into the dr office after he asked me for some privacy.

I said it was alright I’m his wife I already even know what his issues are and just wanted to show support.

He said I overstepped his one boundary and refused to respect his wish and made him more stressed than he already is in these hard times he’s going through.

I thought he overreacted but AITA?”

Let’s see what folks had to say on Reddit.

This reader said she acted like an *******.

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Another Reddit user agreed.

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This person spoke up.

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Another reader shared their thoughts.

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And this Reddit user didn’t hold back.

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She definitely crossed a line.

If I was him I would be hopping mad.

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