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Her Mom Knew That Her Cousin Tried On Her Wedding Dress Without Her Permission, So She Yelled At Her For Not Taking Accountability

by Matthew Gilligan

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I think it’s generally a pretty good idea to NOT try on someone else’s clothes without their permission.

Especially if it’s a wedding dress!

And this woman was pretty unhappy when this happened to her and she let her mother have it.

Was she wrong?

Take a look and see what you think…

AITA for raising my voice at my mum when I found out my cousin put on my wedding dress without my knowledge?

“My (29F) wedding was a week ago, my aunty (61F) and cousin (22F) are staying at my mum’s (67F) house while here as they live in a different country.

My wedding dress has been at my mum’s house before and after the wedding day.

A few days after the wedding, I visited them as I wanted to catch them one last time before my honeymoon.

What’s this?

While I was there, my aunty was showing me some photos she had taken that week & while swiping I saw a picture of someone in my wedding dress.

My aunty got really flustered and started swiping quickly so I couldn’t see the picture properly. I asked to look at her phone, she gave it to me and I swiped straight to the suss picture – it was my cousin in my dress.

Not cool!

I have no idea whether this photo was taken before or after the wedding, either way I was completely shocked to see someone else in my dress!

This dress extremely special to me, my mum and I designed it together, something completely unique to anything we have seen elsewhere.

I didn’t say anything at the time, but I slept on it and decided to text my mum to ask if she was aware what my aunty and cousin did.

I didn’t receive anything back from my mum, but my aunty tried to call immediately. I didn’t feel ready to talk to her, so I sent her a text instead.

I explained that I wasn’t upset with my cousin (she’s young), I was more upset with my aunty, as a mother I’d think she’d understand the significance, and the fact she encouraged it, taking photos, not thinking of asking me & then trying to hide it really hurt.

I honestly think I would have been okay with my cousin trying on my dress, she’s like my little sister, but I would have wanted to be there for it, definitely not behind my back.

My aunty apologised and sounded remorseful in her response, so I was happy to move on.

Here it comes…

A few days later my mum was driving my husband and I to the airport for our honeymoon & I asked my mum if she knew at the time what my aunty did, I didn’t think for a second that she would have known – I assumed she’d understand how disrespectful it’d be to do this behind my back.

Turns out my mum knew the whole time – instead of just apologising & moving on, she started crying and getting really defensive. She said “it’s (Aunty’s) fault for taking those photos” and accused me of being a jerk for making them feel so bad about it.

I snapped a little at this point and raised my voice, I asked her to take accountability instead of deflecting the blame.

I’m really shocked that my mum of all people reacted like this & had total lack of accountability.

AITA for being upset about this?”

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She was right.

Stop lying, mom!

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